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First-ever released song by NK, which was made in 2009 when he was just 16.  It is a shorter and lesser-known song, however, it is influential to the rest of his songs.  This was also the beginning stage of his rap career dubbed by fans as FERAL(his first album name), where he was known for rhymes and controversial lyrics.

Arsonist renegade brigades set ablaze by marvelous rhymes made

Laced with gamma rays into lava flow stanzas displayed to amaze

My wordplay blaze keeping my preferred prey of amateurs slayed

The street wizard who disperses evil curses as the beat emerges

So feeble people versus my lethal verses get left greeting hearses

Slaying the weak and worthless, the beast surges with feast urges

My style and the beat merges, giving me the precision of a surgeon

Track killer with cyphers more explosive than action packed thrillers

Verbally murder vanilla rap filler, acting cap peelers and drug dealers

Squealers fronting on mic’s they running with the thugs and stealers

Never slung slugs but swear they’re the realest ill glock concealers


a demon's emotions(interlude)
living in my skin

To note: living in my skin and a demon's emotions(interlude)are the first alternative songs NK made, using guitars and pure vocals.  They are also among the most popular songs he has made.  BELIEF and DEMISE are screamo rap.  NK explains these as "experimental songs" and has only done 2 other songs similar to these since.
a demon's emotions(copied from lil darkie- i can see clearly)

Let us begin
Once upon a time, NK was camping in the forest
Hav—, probably having a really nice dream
And, um, the sun started to rise and he woke up to the sight of a beam of light coming through his tent
And uh, he couldn't wait to see what was outside

I wish you saw me like you see you (See you, oh, oh, oh)
I wish you saw me like you see you, see me, see you

(And this is what he thought about)

I wish you could see that I'm a person too
I wish you could see that I am hurting too
On the attack, the ignorant see me and they see food
But I'll see them yack if it truly the last thing that I do
And they want that back, the power to place someone under rule
But all of that's crap, mm, but all of that's crap to me
And all of that's crap
I can't see your facе through all the shit you're talkin' to me
Lеt's sit down and mix perspectives up and sip that smoothie
Hate will bring you down or bring you up if you move smoothly
I may get around and act a clown but you can't fool me

I wish you saw me like you see you (Oh, oh, oh)
I wish you saw me as you see you, see me, see you

I wish you saw me
I wish you saw me at all
Saw us both the same
I wish you saw me the same

Ooh, na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na
Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na-na