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The year is 2078. (We are already doing better than Cyberpunk) Yes, corporations run the world, people live in tiny apartments and have robot arms. It's a fashionable genre of fiction at the minute, you wouldn't understand. It doesn't matter anyway, what matters is this:

Nations the world over are divided over politics, culture, economies, languages... but they all have one thing in common: the destination of their refuse. Ships from around the globe, piled high with endless containers of the waste of a world several hundred billion people strong (none of whom have any care in the world about the amount of cellophane plastic wrappers or spent cigarettes they produce) all heading to once place... Alpenraum, the world's biggest landfill.

Alpenraum descended into chaos in around 2065 when popular music artist and war criminal NK the Creator passed away peacefully in his home at the age of 74. With the only noteworthy component of Alpenraum gone forever, the very fabric of the nation's culture and society was torn in half like the hamstrings of a middle-aged man. Civil unrest turned into nationwide war between people who wanted to spend the rest of their lives listening to Grassboy on vinyl over and over whilst softly weeping in a corner vs. people who had applied for Akarean citizenship after the federal council reduced the citizen tax rate from 99.4% to 99.38999%, the lowest rate in the world at the time.

Eventually the world got sick of the arguing and putting up with the slow internet caused by the sheer volume of global network traffic for online flame wars and shitposting concerning the matter so Sudardes mobilised its military, got a bunch of ex-civilian jumbo jets, filled them with rubbish and airdropped it over Alpenraum. This set a global precedent, because according to Rudy, "you can't say no to Sudardes". Soon, the world all began to use Alpenraum as an endpoint for their waste mangement, and before the end of the week it had become the world's largest landfill.

The people of Alpenraum had no choice but to move to Jamasapos, who had by this moment in time just about discovered fire. By 2070 Alpenraum was empty (except for the rubbish) and NK was still a little piss bitch. Historians argue if Alpenraum's status as a global landfill might've in fact started earlier in time (around 2015) in relation to the remarkable quantity of low-quality RP produced there. It remains a hot point of contention to this day.

Author's note: fuck you
It is also worth noting that in 2065, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of its accession to the Candanadian confederation, Caskhomir evicted all residents living within 20km of the Alpenraumisch border and razed the area completely, creating a no-man's land between civilization and the wasteland. Candanadium remains perhaps the greatest exporter of trash to Alpenraum, being conveniently close to home but simultaneously refusing to take on any Alpenraumisch immigrants.

Vielgerühmter Alpenraum,
Vielgerühmter Alpenraum!
The real Best AU

The Year is 2078. Trefjall, the biggest pissbaby in all of the world, has been eradicated by nuclear bombardment. All that remains is a gay married couple named Rudy and Lucas who live on a tiny island that was not eradicated by nuclear bombardment. It is also important to note that Drulluhus has taken over the entire Terran Continent and the people are all forced to dress as gay furries. NK The Creator took over Candanadium and Alpenraum, dubbing the country "land of swag" and now has made a massive speaker that blasts Grassboy so loud that the entire world has to hear "AYO" every waking hour. The entire Akarean nation committed mass suicide after NK made a song in their native language, butchered it, and blasted it for one straight year. No more rice :(.
God Sauce NKTheCreator!

editors note: fuck akarea and trefjall
UPDATE: land of swag blows up rudy and lucas, gay married couple living on the only remnant of trefjall.  the general of the army, Adam Pferdcock states "they didn't have the exaggerated swagger of a Kaltach teen".  More on this later.