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Full Version: The Spark
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Charmos, Helio
Early Morning

The mining town of Charmos was quiet.

Her torches lay unlit and what few street lights the city had were turned off to save on what little energy the town had. Telos was a local Orus Namu, an Extraction Agent who was tasked with ensuring the safe running of the town behind the scenes and "extracting" those who disrupted it, essentially corporate secret police.

As Telos walked around the barren town that he patrolled every night he came across the town square it was nothing special just a large area of sandstone in the middle of the town for merchants to set up shop and for the occasional town gathering for prayer or celebration. Its most significant landmark was the plaque in the centre detailing the history of the town with his patrol almost complete he subconsciously walked up to it and began to read it in order to ward off his boredom.

Charmos has been a mining town for a little over a century occupied predominantly by miners and merchants. The town was founded around one hundred years ago at the late stages of the coal mining boom that was happening at the time, not much is known about its initial holders other than they were probably from Candanadium and were looking for an easy fortune. After managing to persuade the local people on the promise of food and money if the venture went well the first mines around Charmos were set up and digging began.

Whilst the coal was plentiful and the owners quickly began making a small profit there was not nearly enough coal as expected and with an already oversaturated coal market to contend with the owners quickly found themselves in debt. What happened to them after is a mystery, perhaps they fled for their homeland or were dumped in the desert by debt collectors never to be seen again. After the owners disappeared the already poorly managed Charmos fell into disrepair her residents dispersing over time until eventually the city was abandoned around 1920 the city would remain as such for over sixty years.

In 1985 the generous Neya Mara Mining Company began prospecting around the ruins of the city for good spots to mine gold and other rare luxurious metals soon finding veins that the original owners missed they quickly began gathering a workforce willing to move to Charmos and began mining with a healthy mining community in the renewed Charmos something which prospers even till this day.

Half of this was a lie, of course, Telos thought to himself the community was far from prosperous with miners working in slave-like conditions (with actual slaves working alongside them) and with very few methods of removing waste in the town it often pilled up in mounds of rotting shit that stank the city for a month until somebody took the journey for it to be dumped in the nearby sea. And then of course the original owners were not from Candanadium but actually the Neya Mara Company itself who abandoned it because they couldn't be bothered to try and dig for other metals until '85.

Of course, very few people knew that it'd be bad for local business if the company was seen as anything but highly competent. 

Looking up towards the horizon Telos saw the edges of the rising sun. Soon the bell towers would ring and the miners would begin their shifts from dawn till dusk with the company gaining all the metals they mined whilst the workers got barely anything in return.

"It's Capitalism I guess" Telos whispered aloud, whilst he was literate and much more knowledgable than the average Meltorian thanks to his position, economic theory was not one of his strong points aside from our system is good whilst the enemy's system is not.

"Yeah, I guess it is Capitalism." An unknown voice whispered behind him.

"Wait, what the fu-!" Telos attempted to scream but his voice was drowned out by the now ringing bells all that could be heard was a knock on the head by a piece of metal.

"Alright Meo, get his body out of sight. Don't want to scare the police just yet." With Telos unconscious, his shrouded attacker quickly ordered his subordinate and began running as fast as he could away from the square.

At that very moment, several other attacks were happening at the same time.

Charmos, Helios
Several Hours Later

When the sun dawned upon the city and the bells rang their tune the miners of the city awoke from their beds and began their walk to their local tower for registration and then began trekking all the way to their mine on foot to begin the workday the slowest ones would have to work an extra hour next to the slaves, a punishment filled with soot and the stench of death at every turn.

However, today would be different for nobody would show up.

"Alright, Comrades we got the local Corporate Quartermaster, the Second in command of the Corporate Garrison, five Orus Namu and one bribed Chief of Police." A middle-aged woman spoke clearly and concisely towards a council of men and women. She was the Captain of "Human Resources", an inside joke amongst the various rebel cells within Meltor often signifying kidnappings of less than cooperative persons.

"Excellent job Comrade now, Jea do with have the Edofasian weapons?" A man at the head of the table asked. 

This man was called Kraus, his real naming being a mystery. He was in his late twenties with enough scars to put much older men to shame. He had a solid build with only a slight limp on his right leg due to a shrapnel wound he suffered in his childhood.

"Yes we do" Jea responded, "the people are ready as well."

"And what of High Command?" A woman asked.

"High Command has authorised this at long last, with the Empress gone for a while this might be our only chance to capture the will of the people." Jea responded diligently.

"Alright if that's it with the questions let's get down to the plan" Kraus announced, "our man inside the Slave camps has told us that they're ready for anything they simply need the red flare signal. Team A will move to the ridge near to the Slave camp at wait for the blue signal before using their own red signal at which point you may begin firing on the guards, it shouldn't be too heavily guarded just mind where you shoot, when you're done meet up back at the Square"

"Understood Comrade." The Captain of Team A spoke she was a rather petite woman but her ability with a rifle were second to none.

"Excellent Team B you're to secure the areas marked on your map and prepare defensive positions when you're done I want you to send half your team to support Team C."

"Right Boss." Meo, the Captain of Team B replied she was a bulky woman some people thought she was stronger than Otto himself, of course neither dared challenge the other to anything worse than the occasional arm wrestle.

"And finally my team, Team C will assault garrison command at the north of the city if we're lucky we'll catch them off guard so they won't go call for backup." Otto finished.

"Alright people, you all have your orders. Let's take our freedom."

"For Meltor, for the time hath come for liberation!" They shouted in unison before running off to their stations.