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Full Version: Chapter one(riots)
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Chapter one (riots)
The civil war has started riots have risen all over the country, villages have been burned
The military has been called, and vond is in chaos, a local officer yes

"It's chaos there, their monsters"

It is utter chaos there, as officers use armored trucks, and water tanks to keep them in check.

But the people aren't dumb, they have developed tactics, like putting cones on tear gas, or using leaf blowers to repeal tear gas ECT

Which has been giving cops a hard time, and some of them…

Some groups Have started to arm themselves, which has caused the military to get involved, these groups have been terrorizing local villages, and burning them down…

But still, this is nothing, it's not like they are going to create army's and declare independence and go out and conquer more land, right(and that's foreshadowing)
But anyways, sir Isaac said this about these riots

"These people are insane we have provided them a a a communist Utopia
And yet there rioting against us this is absurd, I say "

Now you may say wait why is everyone else rioting, well they are lead by politics who want power, who want the government, to be ruled by them…

And this civil unrest is the perfect moment to take control, and so we are here…

The riots have caused a lot of chaos, these rioters have destroyed homes, robbed businesses, farm, factory's, ECT

They have caused the economy to plummet a little, and if they manage to get their hands on guns like those groups, oh meu the al-father protect us…

Chapter two(civil war)