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Full Version: Resignation, Arrest and Indictment of President Ferrant
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The Presidential Palace
Santangel, United Republics of Luxlein
March 25, 2016

Today felt different. Maybe it was because it was 12:15 PM and it was warm. But it may have crossed his mind that this was all a dream.

But it wasn't. You know damn well this is not a dream, Ferrant kept telling myself. You put your entire plan into jeopardy. He turned towards the camera, knowing that these words would be devastating for many and be celebrated by a few. The countdown started. There was no going back.

I have to do this. Not for me. But for them. The people.

Five… four…. three… two… And the light turned green.

“Esteemed citizens of Luxlein…” His eyes were calm and soft. “I have always been accountable. I have always done my best to establish the right choices and recognize the wrong ones.”

“For almost a decade, I worked alongside you with all my heart and with effort to make this country great. And even though I feel there is still much to do, I am deeply grateful to those who stepped forward with me to do their best in this praiseworthy deed. Over the past few weeks, many of you have been exercising your right to freedom of expression. The claim has been overwhelming and I have received it with the highest degree of humility.”

“Since I was first sworn in, I have made every effort to ensure that my decisions always take into account the welfare of our people. Against all odds, we managed to establish the path of planning, execution, and progress that has led us to become a beacon of hope for a united and democratic world.”

“In the end, results are what counts. Let us recognize that they are favorable results, in the worst imaginable scenario. These results emanate from the work, sacrifice and love that one applies. My administration did its best, dedicating day and night, weekends and holidays to attend to each one of the needs of our people.”

“No government has been able to implement transformational changes that make today’s Luxlein a more equitable and just place. But I have committed several mistakes during my leadership. And I can no longer continue to believe that committing these acts is for the benefit of all. Despite having the mandate of the people who democratically elected me, today I feel that to continue in this position represents a difficulty for the success achieved to last.”

“After hearing your claims and thinking about our country’s position at the world stage, I have made the following decision: today I announce that I will be resigning from the post of President, effective immediately.”

“The person who assumes the weight of the office I have had the honor and privilege of occupying will need the will of the people and the support of those who work tirelessly for our country. At this time, according to the legal system, that person would be Prime Minister Maria Sofia Velazquez. I am confident that Luxlein will continue to unite and move forward as it has always done under her leadership.”

“I hope that this decision will serve as a call for the national reconciliation that we need in order to move forward with this country’s mission to spread democracy at home and abroad. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve you. It has been the greatest honor one may have.”

The light turned red.

Neus Olloqui, his Chief of Staff, blew her nose. “Sir. The police… they are outside.”

“I’ll take the fall for all of us. Don’t worry about me.” Ferrant hugged her. “Thank you for standing by me. Help Maria in everything. Tell her to reverse some of the policies that are labeled ‘undemocratic’ by the legal team. Keep her on the right track to get the projects done.”

Ferrant approached the police. “Are there cameras outside?” He asked them as they handcuffed him. The two officers both nobbed. “Very well. Let’s give them a good show.”

“There he is!” One photographer pointed towards the entrance of the presidential palace. “Mr. Ferrant! Over here!” The journalists, anchors and photographers swarmed around Ferrant as he was escorted to the limousine by the Federal Security Service.

“Ferrant! Is it true that you resigned out of pressure from foreign powers?” One reporter asked as a photographer took pictures.  “How does it feel to be the first head of state to be indicted by the International Chancellery of Justice?,” another asked. “How is your family taking this? Do they know that you committed crimes against humanity?”

“We interrupt this program with some breaking news,” the television in the prison caught everyone’s attention. Even the Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party was paying attention to the news anchor.

“After weeks of protests against the alleged human rights violations committed by military and police personnel and their agents, Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant has resigned from his position as President of the United Republics of Luxlein.” The Senior Leadership cheered and howled, awaiting this for as long as they could.

“In addition, we can confirm that Ferrant has been arrested after the International Chancellery of Justice indicted him for crimes against humanity.” The whole room fell silent. The Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party sat there and stopped their celebrations. “According to the indictment, the Prosecution of the International Chancellery of Justice alleges that these crimes against humanity span more than a decade.”

“We did not want this. Ferrant was just supposed to step down. Not face the Chancellery,” Laguna said. “The people loved him. We are not going to be winning any votes. We will be blamed for this.”

“You might be right,” Monedero said. “But Ferrant knows that it’s the right thing to do.”

The Palace of Justice
Santangel, United Republics of Luxlein
March 30, 2016

Judge Antonio Jesús Piedrabuena stared at Ferrant, feeling pity. He never expected to see a friend of his in a jumpsuit. But regardless of their friendship, he must uphold the law. 5 days have gone by, as the trial of the century continued. The Judge was surprised by the horrors Ferrant committed and the punishment the Chief Prosecutor requested. Life sentencing for a man of his status?

“Has the defendant decided on how he would plead?” He stared at Ferrant and his lawyer.

“Yes your Honor,” said the lawyer. “The defendant pleads guilty to all counts-”

Several onlookers in the back, including journalists, screamed or fainted. Those words shocked the nation in ways one could never imagine. The whole world just witnessed the first former head of state plead guilty to crimes against humanity in front of the International Chancellery of Justice.

“Order! Order!,” the Judge kept banging the gavel until it broke in two. “Order!”

The frenzy calmed down, and the Judge resumed. “The defendant has decided to plead guilty?” He asked him for clarification, as the Chief Prosecutor stayed in shock with his mouth open, as he stared at Ferrant.

“Yes your Honor. The defendant pleads guilty to all counts. He expresses remorse for his actions and hopes that future administrations would avoid committing such actions.”

“Well then, as we have heard from the Prosecution and the Defense the appropriate sentencing, we must recognize that such actions will never go unpunished, especially when dealing with a head of state, current or former. Mr. Ferrant?” The Judge hoped to catch the eyes of the former President. “Do you have anything else to say before I sentence you?”

Ferrant stood up, and looked at the Judge and the cameras surrounding him. “My only wish is to see this country on the path to peace and prosperity. This country will forever be part of the mission we, as its citizens, hold. No sentence will ever be equal to the atrocities I have committed on our lands, but I hope that we can reconcile as one nation.” He sat down with calm, yet with poise.

“Very well. Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant, having given due weight to the factors set out, the Trial Chamber sentences you to a period of 30 years’ imprisonment.” The gavel fell, and with that, the trial was over. Justice was served, and the country may continue to be the beacon of democracy in the darkest corners of the world.