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Full Version: An Account of The Octavian Crisis
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An Account of the Octavian Crisis

An Account of the Octavian Crisis

It was a dark and gloomy place.  The fresh smell of smoke from gunfire and artillery filled the air, along with a mixture of corpses from the no man’s land.  Robert Schlater was just 17 when he was drafted into the military to help destroy the Octavian menace, and the Richterian family.  Octavia was a rebellion, to say the least.  A small area in the east of Alpenraum, Octavia was a newly formed nation by the powerful Richterian family, which had seceded from the Federation only a few years beforehand.  The only reason they had remained independent was because Alpenraum was taking it’s time organizing its large Military.  In the end, it was a rather idiotic idea by the Richterians.  Not only would they lose this war, they would most likely lose their lives as well.  Had they thought they could test the Military of Alpenraum, trained so hard so they could rival Candanadium’s troops?  Alpenraum was a nation focused around its Military, primarily due to the ever looming threat of the vast Kingdom of Candanadium.  But none of that mattered to Robert.  What mattered to Robert was that he just survived today. And the next. And the next.

The current situation was that the Octavians, desperate, had entrenched themselves surrounding their Capital, Seewald.  A beautiful city built by Alpenians of past days.  However, now it lay under siege by the very nation that built it.  Robert ran this over and over in his head.  Alpenraum’s air force was about to bombard the entrenchment.  After it finished, his entire Battalion would charge the weakened lines, and hopefully take them.  It would be the end of Octavia, cornered with barely any troops to spare.  A stupid war to fight.  A stupid waste of lives.  All because of the selfish nature of the Richterians. His thinking was snapped as he heard planes flying above.  The time has come, he thought to himself.  Minutes later, many explosions were heard.  He lay waiting with his fellow soldiers for the whistle which would either send them all to hell, or to heaven back home in Küstenberg, the capital of Alpenraum and his hometown.  He prepared himself.  The bombs stopped.  And the whistle blew.

“FÜR DEN PROPHET!” was heard throughout the battlefield as 50,000 troops charged the weakened Octavian lines. Bullets whizzed past Robert, hitting some of his comrades.  As he ran through no man's land, he realized he could die here.  And that only made him run faster.  He was lucky enough to make it to the Octavian trench.  He was soon met by an Octavian soldier.  He looked starved and weak, yet he still attacked Robert.  Robert was trained well, and sprayed him down with his machine gun.  His allies poured into the trenches, taking them over with ease.  The Octavian line had fallen.

The Octavians however, did not surrender.  The last order the Richterians gave to their troops was to protect their escape, no matter what.  Most likely, they would flee to Candanadium or Mortasia.  Both seemed like viable options for a rich family looking to escape the wrath of Alpenraum.  Since the Richterians were an extremely rich merchant family, they had assets across the world.   Robert pondered this.  He was fully prepared to charge Seewald to end this war. But he wasn’t being sent.  His battalion had walked across Octavia, being in every major battle.  This time, the higher ups had recognized them, and instead sent another battalion, along with a Tank battalion, into the city. It was all over for Robert. He had survived the war.  He was lucky.  200,000 people lost their life due to a selfish bureaucratic family who craved power.  They would never see their families or loved ones again.  Never gaze upon the sun, or the moon again.  Never go to a party, or have kids, or anything else.  Robert realized how he could have been one of them so easily.  But he wasn’t. The gods of the universe had let him survive.  Robert grew to be old, with children and grandchildren.  He was honored as a Hero of the war, and was given to him by the King himself.  Later in life, he wrote a book telling of his accounts in the war and was awarded many rewards through it, nationally and internationally.  Octavia today is quite beautiful, and Seewald is a major city in the Kingdom of Alpenraum.  Alpenraum itself had changed as well.  Now, it is a Constitutional Monarchy, rather than an Absolute one.  The Koppenhausens are the Royal family, with the current king being Frederik VI Koppenhausen and the 1st in line for the throne being Mauritz V Koppenhausen.