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  The Tropical Paradise of The Orient - Satoyama in Images
Posted by: Satoyama - 01-14-2022, 11:28 AM - Forum: Republic of Satoyama | 暁山民国 - Replies (1)

The Tropical Paradise of The Orient - Satoyama in Images
Satoyama is a small peninsula of only 2,166 square miles, situated to the northeast of Akarea. But despite its diminutive size, it punches far above its weight with one of the strongest economies in the world. Since it opened to the outside world, Satoyama is revered for its unique charm, not found anywhere else, and remains a popular city for people of all walks of life, be they tourists or settlers.

Scroll through this thread to explore the bustling metropolitan area, the exotic wildlife, the extraordinary shrines and historic districts, and the mouth-watering delicacies that Satoyama has on offer!

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Story am*rria rewrite - this time in Satoyama
Posted by: Satoyama - 01-14-2022, 07:15 AM - Forum: Worldbuilding - No Replies

Satoyama. January 5, 2016. 11:30AM. 

It was a hot, sunny day outside. The sun was shining in the air like a giant golden coin. A colorful finch was perched on a tree, nervously jerking its head around in typical small-bird fashion, before leaning down, rubbing its beak on a branch, sharpening it for a later meal of nuts.

It was a small apartment, situated on the 20th floor, smack-dab in the sprawling Hasemi district of Satoyama. People could be seen travelling to and from their destinations from the window, shrunken to the size of ants. The whole city beneath almost resembled a diorama. A badminton match played on the 30-inch TV mounted on the wall in the living room. A couple of decades ago, TVs like this were regarded as some kind of alien technology from the future, but nowadays, pretty much everybody owns one. 

Takeru Noguchi walked out of his bedroom, pulling a grey t-shirt over himself, dressed to go outdoors. He was a young man, fresh off of his college years, having scored a job at Verone, a very respectable automaker. Wondering why he even left the TV on, he took the remote control and switched it off. Feeling a vibration in his pocket, he pulled his phone out.

It was Otome Takahashi, an acquaintance at work he arranged a day out with the other day. “Almost ready! Wya?”, read the text on his screen. Takeru unlocked his phone, firing a text back. After all, ignoring your date isn’t the brightest idea. “Getting ready to leave. I’ll be there in a sec.” Snatching his keys off the table and slipping them into his pocket, he made his way to the elevator. He took a few deep breaths as he was making it down onto the ground floor - just the thought of her made his heart skip a beat. As he made it out of his apartment, the signature humid heat of Satoyama smacked him in the face.

It was a brief, 10-minute walk before Takeru arrived in front of another imposing structure. It stood several stories higher than the apartment he lived in, making use of a full glass exterior, appearing in the same beautiful shade of blue as the sky. He grimaced, trying to block the sunlight out of his eyes, before hearing a voice behind him. “Hai, Takeru-san!” He felt someone hug him from behind, almost crashing into him at a high speed. “Ah…! Otome-san!”, he managed, before turning around and returning the favor, albeit in a less aggressive manner. She was dressed in a simple, dark-colored outfit, complete with a cross necklace. She looked up at him with her hypnotic hazel eyes, wearing a smile on her face. “So, let’s get going?”, she asked. Takeru couldn’t help but smile as well, being with a person he had so much feelings for, outside the workplace. “Yup!”, he replied, before checking his watch. “...Crap. Movie starts in half an hour. We better hurry.”

Curio City is one of the largest malls in Satoyama. Advertising itself as a “theatrical city space”, it boasts a gargantuan statue of an anime mecha, 25 restaurants, more than 40 stores, most of which sell electronic appliances and clothing, and a full-size IMAX cinema. The pair rushed to the latter, arriving at the ticket booth, panting, with their hands on their knees. “Reservation for… two tickets… to Kung Fu Idiot 4…”, Takeru gasped, pulling up a screenshot of his reservation QR code. Within a minute, they were in the theatre. Thankfully, the only thing they missed were the absurd adverts the city-state came to be known for. 

Being a comedy animated film, they laughed with the rest of the audience at particularly entertaining scenes, but other than that, they remained mostly silent throughout. It was no Oscar-winner, but it certainly fulfilled its purpose of being entertaining. They left the theatre with smiles on their faces, their fingers entwined with one another’s. 

Following a quick bite at the Candanadian Brauhaus restaurant, Takeru and Otome headed towards the West Beach Garden, which was actually connected to Curio City via a set of escalators. The sun, now slightly lower than it was a couple of hours ago, stopped blinding them, though it was still pretty bright. Koi fish swam in the ponds below the pathways, lotuses and lily pads, haphazardly floating through the water, like some kind of moving painting. Turtles rested on the rocks, unmoving, unblinking, seemingly deep in thought. Vividly colored parrots of all shapes and sizes flew through the trees and perched on branches, loudly squawking at one another, or quizzically staring at the people below them.

“Sometimes I wonder where the emperor went.”, Otome thought to herself aloud. “He just disappeared into thin air after the Burning…” “I wonder if he’s even alive at all.”, Takeru replied. “He was 46 at the time, which makes him… uhhh…” “102. No chance!”, Otome interrupted with a giggle. “How can you be so sure? We have the highest life expectancy in the world!” Takeru retorted with a cheeky smile on his face. “Right… yeah! …He better not be using our taxpayer money.”, she replied jokingly. 

“I’m willing to say that he probably went to Meltor.”, Takeru offered as an answer to Otome’s question from before. “Everyone keeps saying he went up north to seek asylum in Trefjall… but I doubt they’d want him over there.” “Meltor… nah, he’d be dead the second he steps foot in that place!” Otome replied, laughing. The pair bought ice cream cones for themselves and moved up on top of a small, grassy hill, overlooking the rest of the park and the mall, as well as some parts of the cities. Once they were done with their ice cream, they shared a kiss together, before simply leaning against one another, admiring the view.

“Hey, Takeru… you said you got that new Grand Tourer game the other day, right?”, Otome asked, looking up at him. “Mhm! Wanna come play it at my place?” Takeru offered. “I can cook dinner for us, too.” “Oh yeah, for sure.”

Something, something, laws of physics… whatever.

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Music Cand's Favourite Marches
Posted by: Kingdom of Candanadium - 01-12-2022, 02:17 PM - Forum: Meta (out of character) - Replies (3)

This may sound a little bit weird, but whenever I sit down to write something for the-democratika.com or work on my factbooks/wiki pages, I like to have some military marches or songs on in the background. Nothing particularly martial, mostly more melodic British marches. I think it's something about the lack of lyrics and soothing nature that helps me concentrate on the writing process. They're elegant enough to be pleasing to the ear, yet not so elaborate that they draw my attention away, and the consistent pacing helps calm me down. Some of these have made it into the Candanadian military marches factbook.

Here are a few of my go-tos in no particular order for all those curious. I may add or remove entries periodically as my tastes shift.

Vimy Ridge
The Voice of the Guns
Vive la Canadienne
The Happy Wanderer (Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann)
Old Comrades (Alte Kameraden)
Mechanized Infantry
The Road to the Isles
The Great Little Army
Ten Provinces
The Duke of York
Heart of Oak
RAF March Past
Canada Overseas
Lützows wilde verwegene Jagd (Lutzow's Wild Hunt)
A Life on the Ocean Wave
The Garb of Old Gaul
Highland Laddie
Marche des Parachutistes Belges
The Rhodesian Light Infantry (The Incredibles)
The Leather Bottle
Kum A Kye
The Black Bear
Money Musk
Lili Marleen
My Boy Willie
Here's a Health Unto His Majesty
Sarie Marais
Ca Ira
Marsch der Elisabether
Yorckscher Marsch
Parademarsch der NVA Nr. 1

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  Regimental Colours of the Candanadian Army
Posted by: Kingdom of Candanadium - 01-08-2022, 04:32 PM - Forum: Kingdom of Candanadium | Königreich Kandanadium - No Replies

Every regiment in the Candanadian Army has its own ceremonial colours, which are banners that were historically carried into battle. Each regiment has two colours - the King's Colour, the design of which is largely standardized and based off the national flag, and the Regimental Colour, the design of which varies from regiment to regiment. The regiment's battle honours are carried on its Regimental Colour.

The following is a collection of colours from across the Candanadian Army, with a brief description of each regiment where necessary and its colour.

The KOER is the only surviving regiment from the former Dominion of Edofasia Security Forces, formed in 1967 after Edofasian Unification by amalgamating The Edofasian Light Infantry with The Edofasian Rifles. Due to it's title as "The King's Own", the tri-maple on the King's Colour is defaced with the royal cypher. The KOER is an Oseanian-speaking regiment.

The battle honours on its Regimental Colour are mainly inherited from its two predecessor units and reference the Settlement of Edofasia, the War in Walkure, the First Edofasian Crisis, the Drulluhus Landings, the Battle of Tara and the Tara Insurgencies, the Second Belkhomirian War, the Second Edofasian Crisis, and Kaltach Peacekeeping in Lakedan.

[Image: Ju3VvdBhXG.png]

[Image: mCP72EUSKx.png]

The Candanadian Foreign Legion harkens back to the pre-Confederation kingdoms, which would recruit units of foreign soldiers on a regular basis as long as they swore allegiance to the local monarch. The CFL remains the only unit in the entire CDF to recruit foreign citizens (other than Trefjalli). Despite the name, Candanadian and Trefjalli citizens are still permitted to join the regiment and usually serve as officers. The tri-maple on the King's Colour is much smaller than the royal cypher, as foreign recruits to the CFL swear allegiance not to Candanadium but to the King and the unit itself. The CFL is an Oseanian-Kanadiaans bilingual regiment, and recruits are placed into Oseanian or Kanadiaans companies upon assessment of their linguistic background.

The battle honours on its regimental colour are partly inherited from the various foreign units of pre-Confederation kingdoms and reference the Caskhomirian War, the Settlement of Drulluhus, the Candanadian Civil War, the Jokullheime Raids, the First Edofasian Crisis, the Tara Insurgencies, and the Second Edofasia Crisis. The most prominent battle honour is found on the badge itself, reading "THÜLE" in honour of the Battle of Thüle, in which the unit conducted itself with exceptional distinction.

[Image: b2P6eb1ZxX.png]

[Image: 7gaqt3aB7J.png]

The RHLI recruits exclusively from the Province of Hautsing and was created in 1967 with the amalgamation of the Mutterhafen Regiment, the Royal Neuhaven Volunteer Defence Regiment, the New Klettastrand Light Infantry, and the Mutterhafen Oseanian Rifles. The RHLI is therefore unique as the only Hautsing Mandarin-speaking regiment within the Candanadian Army, but it uses Oseanian in an official capacity,

The RHLI's battle honours are all inherited from its predecessors and all volunteer defence units ever raised on Hautsing. They reference the Settlement of Hautsing, the Akarean Labour Revolutions, the Battle of Tara, and the Tara Insurgencies.

[Image: 9C5IWXCDfT.png]

[Image: 4PlCYzlVQH.png]

The RCR was created in 1965 following Caskhomir's accession to Confederation from the regiments of the Republic of Caskhomir Army, which were amalgamated into one large Candanadian regiment with the former Caskhomirian regiments becoming companies within. The RCR recruits exclusively within Caskhomir. The King's Colour is based on the Caskhomirian white ensign as opposed to the national flag. The Royal Caskhomir is a Caskaans-Oseanian bilingual regiment.

The regimental battle honours are mainly inherited from the Republic of Caskhomir Army. They reference the Caskhomirian War of Independence, the Caskhomirian War, the Caskhomirian Border War, Peacekeeping in Caskhomir, the Tara Insurgencies, and the Second Edofasian Crisis.

[Image: VtZTm9ExdC.png]

[Image: 1Q3e7mpNg8.png]

The RBR was created in 1940 following Belkhomir's annexation. Similarly to the RCR, it was the result of all the regiments of the Belkhomirian Army being transformed into battalions within one regiment in the Candanadian Army. The RBR recruits exclusively in Belkhomir and is a Kanadiaans-speaking regiment. Like the RCR, its King's Colour is based on the Belkhomirian white ensign.

The regimental battle honours are partly inherited from the Belkhomirian Army and feature the First Belkhomirian War, the Caskhomirian War, the Second Belkhomirian War, the Battle of Tara, the Caskhomirian Border War, the Tara Insurgencies, and the Second Edofasian Crisis.

[Image: c36WnY4WUq.png]

[Image: dRfxL9B1vx.png]

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Global Global News Feed
Posted by: Kingdom of Candanadium - 09-22-2021, 04:11 PM - Forum: Social Media & News Feed - Replies (13)

The most up-to-date news from every country around the globe! Post your in-character news articles or flash briefings here. Articles can be about current events, domestic politics, or even wacky and bizarre scenarios within your own country.

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Global The Great Empire of Hykko (대한호꼬국)
Posted by: Hykko - 09-22-2021, 03:38 AM - Forum: Great Empire of Hykko | 대한호꼬국 - No Replies


The Great Empire of Hykko (Hykkogyo: 대한호꼬국, Daehan-Hykkoguk) is a nation located in the Southern Hemisphere and covers a land area of 320,750 km² and is made up of the Continental Realm (제봉토) and the Island Realm (시마봉토). It is bordered by the Union of Akarea to the West.

Hykko is the # most populous country in the world. The nation contains a population of around 350 million citizens with the majority residing in urbanized areas. Tanseou is Hykko's capital and largest city; other major cities include Fusen, Nagodae, Samsan, and Namushu. The Continental Realm is largely flat with the Kandou Plain making up a large part of the given area. The Island Realm consequently is largely mountainous with the narrow costal plains harboring a majority of the Island residents. Hykko is divided up into 28 Administrative Prefectures and 5 Traditional Regions.  Hykko is ethnically homogenous with among 98% of the population being ethically Hykkogyo with the other 2% of a different ethnicity. 

Hykko is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with the Emperor as the Head of State and the Prime Minister acting as the Head of Government, possessing a bicameral legislature, National High Diet. With it's GDP at 4.872 trillion Yuwon, it has a free market economy with a thriving private sector. The nation has a relatively open policy maintaining trades with other foreign powers.

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  joe doesnt have a phone 3: idk im tired of the 2nd one so heres a third one
Posted by: Alpenraum - 09-09-2021, 07:43 PM - Forum: Meta (out of character) - Replies (2)

mmm h

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  The Formation of TUF
Posted by: Kingdom of Alayka - 09-09-2021, 02:32 AM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

The Alaykan People’s Party Headquarters, Vladimor, Alayka

The Annexation of Lakedon was, to say the least, a wrench thrown into the plans of the Pro-Terran parties of Alayka. Many people left the APP because of fears of Alayka turning into a Province of Edofasia and that fear was stoked more by the Anti-Terran parties and the party itself was divided on the issue of the annexation of Lakedon.

So it was a surprise to the party when one of the largest Right-wing parties in Alayka, The National Alaykan Front (NAF) wanted to make a coalition government with the APP.

The terms of the coalition government were a hard deal with the APP but they got figured out with the mindset of “The enemy of my enemy is my friends.”
The new Coalition Government name will be The Terran United Front (TUF) and the main parts of their agenda are:

Reinstating the Conspriction Laws of 1960 (An NAF Agenda)
Recognizing the Serverii Ethic Cleasings of the 1950s (An APP Agenda)
Move Alayka into the Terran Commonwealth (Joint APP-NAF Agenda)
Officially allow Workers Militias to form (APP Agenda)

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  An Accounting of The Scrolls
Posted by: Edofasia - 08-21-2021, 06:25 AM - Forum: Worldbuilding - No Replies

Cloudrest Temple
Near the Novmiran Border 

Gather around now children and hear our shared history. Ordinator Gaius said. 10 small children gathered at his feet on small cushions. "This is Library of The Scrolls. They were tucked away in a wood furnished room. A stone fireplace glowed warmly off to the side as the coals burned. Outside was 
a grand library. Many of the covers were unmarked and bound in leather. Others were more modern with years printed on them. In the center. State of the art computers sat. Occupied by younger Ordinatiors doing various work and research.
"Our oldest records can be found here. From the tales of the Great Horators to copies of the 36 Lessons. But most importantly. This is where the ancient scribes kept lists of all those who might be our Champion. Like you kids" 

He smiled kindly at the kids whi sat below. Gaius was an old man who had served the Temple for decades. He was no good for fighting or guarding much anymore. But he knew the history of Cloudrest better than anyone. Instead of retiring the Ordinators shifted him to Scribe work. And after a couple of years he was in charge of History Education.

"Nowadays we keep your names stored electronically but had this been even 50 years ago. Your names would be added to one of these books" he lifted a book titled 1913. Inside dozens of names were listed along with precursor knowledge about each person. 
"Now this" said Gaius " as he produced a piece of parchment. "Is from 1776. 4 years before the Kaltachs arrived on our shores. Many of our records in the East came here when they attacked the temples. But this Temples Library is almost completely in tact. It's only been disturbed once..and that, children is today's lesson...."

Cloudrest Temple
Sometime in the 1200s
Days ago a Novmiran chieftain had approached the gates with an honor guard of warriors. This was unexpected. Novmirans rarely came to the Temple. Even more rarely did they come in peace. He met briefly with Arch-Scribe. About what no one was told. But the Chief had left extremely agitated. Blood would follow. The night of the raid was cool and quiet. Winter had not gripped its claws into the landscape yet but it would come in the next months. Everyone knew that thier stockpiles needed to be prepared for the legendary Novmiran winters. Put everyone on edge. Suddenly men were on the walls. Taking down the Ordinators as quietly as they could. By the time the guards were assembled and the alarm raised they had disappeared. By daylight everyone was confused. Men were sent to check the wells and the ladder but said nothing had been touched. Finally a scribe was sent to account for the Scrolls. They were never touched during the raids but it was part of the checklist. When they discovered the Arch Scribes head on a table. And a scroll missing from the archives...

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  The Lakedan Situation
Posted by: Edofasia - 08-12-2021, 05:04 AM - Forum: Conflicts - No Replies

The Lakedan Autonomous Zone
A few months before ENA withdrawl

After ENA forces brought the rebelling Alaykans to heel (after only one battle) the issue of reorganization had come up. Originally set to give the region back. The Alaykan Government had gone dark. Whether from mass panic. Loss of communications or KU pressure wasn't relevant. Lakedan needed a goverment. Edofasia, feeling uncomfortable simply annexing part of a KU aligned nation and inviting a war. Began the process of setting up a civilian government. Local union leaders, important indigenous chiefs and former rebel commanders were called upon to form the Lakedan Provisional Spokes Council. This Council would be elected henceforth after the original formation and while it would report to the Edofasian Government in matters of foreign affairs. It was nominally independent and had control over its internal affairs as well as its security. Former rebel troops who willingly surrendered to Edofasian forces and ENA instructors began the process of arming and training the new union militas. At the start these were little more than civilian fighters. Armed with confiscated Alaykan equipment and taught only the basics. After the order to remove its military presence came down. ENA officers wanted to ensure the stability of the border. Several thousand Alaykan militamen received standard ENA training and were issued modern equipment including anti air and anti armor weapons. Though this force would be swept aside if a KU taskforce was sent to the region. It proved enough of a match to what remained of Alayka's military that the border held. Tensions were high as countrymen. Torn between Loyality to the crown or to the idea of Terran Solidarity and Collectivism. Fueded with one another across the new border. Though violence was rare and non lethal. A single spark could once again reignite the snow capped mountains and beautiful valleys of Lakedan

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