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  The Spark
Posted by: Meltor - 07-26-2021, 12:43 PM - Forum: Worldbuilding - No Replies

Charmos, Helio
Early Morning

The mining town of Charmos was quiet.

Her torches lay unlit and what few street lights the city had were turned off to save on what little energy the town had. Telos was a local Orus Namu, an Extraction Agent who was tasked with ensuring the safe running of the town behind the scenes and "extracting" those who disrupted it, essentially corporate secret police.

As Telos walked around the barren town that he patrolled every night he came across the town square it was nothing special just a large area of sandstone in the middle of the town for merchants to set up shop and for the occasional town gathering for prayer or celebration. Its most significant landmark was the plaque in the centre detailing the history of the town with his patrol almost complete he subconsciously walked up to it and began to read it in order to ward off his boredom.

Charmos has been a mining town for a little over a century occupied predominantly by miners and merchants. The town was founded around one hundred years ago at the late stages of the coal mining boom that was happening at the time, not much is known about its initial holders other than they were probably from Candanadium and were looking for an easy fortune. After managing to persuade the local people on the promise of food and money if the venture went well the first mines around Charmos were set up and digging began.

Whilst the coal was plentiful and the owners quickly began making a small profit there was not nearly enough coal as expected and with an already oversaturated coal market to contend with the owners quickly found themselves in debt. What happened to them after is a mystery, perhaps they fled for their homeland or were dumped in the desert by debt collectors never to be seen again. After the owners disappeared the already poorly managed Charmos fell into disrepair her residents dispersing over time until eventually the city was abandoned around 1920 the city would remain as such for over sixty years.

In 1985 the generous Neya Mara Mining Company began prospecting around the ruins of the city for good spots to mine gold and other rare luxurious metals soon finding veins that the original owners missed they quickly began gathering a workforce willing to move to Charmos and began mining with a healthy mining community in the renewed Charmos something which prospers even till this day.

Half of this was a lie, of course, Telos thought to himself the community was far from prosperous with miners working in slave-like conditions (with actual slaves working alongside them) and with very few methods of removing waste in the town it often pilled up in mounds of rotting shit that stank the city for a month until somebody took the journey for it to be dumped in the nearby sea. And then of course the original owners were not from Candanadium but actually the Neya Mara Company itself who abandoned it because they couldn't be bothered to try and dig for other metals until '85.

Of course, very few people knew that it'd be bad for local business if the company was seen as anything but highly competent. 

Looking up towards the horizon Telos saw the edges of the rising sun. Soon the bell towers would ring and the miners would begin their shifts from dawn till dusk with the company gaining all the metals they mined whilst the workers got barely anything in return.

"It's Capitalism I guess" Telos whispered aloud, whilst he was literate and much more knowledgable than the average Meltorian thanks to his position, economic theory was not one of his strong points aside from our system is good whilst the enemy's system is not.

"Yeah, I guess it is Capitalism." An unknown voice whispered behind him.

"Wait, what the fu-!" Telos attempted to scream but his voice was drowned out by the now ringing bells all that could be heard was a knock on the head by a piece of metal.

"Alright Meo, get his body out of sight. Don't want to scare the police just yet." With Telos unconscious, his shrouded attacker quickly ordered his subordinate and began running as fast as he could away from the square.

At that very moment, several other attacks were happening at the same time.

Charmos, Helios
Several Hours Later

When the sun dawned upon the city and the bells rang their tune the miners of the city awoke from their beds and began their walk to their local tower for registration and then began trekking all the way to their mine on foot to begin the workday the slowest ones would have to work an extra hour next to the slaves, a punishment filled with soot and the stench of death at every turn.

However, today would be different for nobody would show up.

"Alright, Comrades we got the local Corporate Quartermaster, the Second in command of the Corporate Garrison, five Orus Namu and one bribed Chief of Police." A middle-aged woman spoke clearly and concisely towards a council of men and women. She was the Captain of "Human Resources", an inside joke amongst the various rebel cells within Meltor often signifying kidnappings of less than cooperative persons.

"Excellent job Comrade now, Jea do with have the Edofasian weapons?" A man at the head of the table asked. 

This man was called Kraus, his real naming being a mystery. He was in his late twenties with enough scars to put much older men to shame. He had a solid build with only a slight limp on his right leg due to a shrapnel wound he suffered in his childhood.

"Yes we do" Jea responded, "the people are ready as well."

"And what of High Command?" A woman asked.

"High Command has authorised this at long last, with the Empress gone for a while this might be our only chance to capture the will of the people." Jea responded diligently.

"Alright if that's it with the questions let's get down to the plan" Kraus announced, "our man inside the Slave camps has told us that they're ready for anything they simply need the red flare signal. Team A will move to the ridge near to the Slave camp at wait for the blue signal before using their own red signal at which point you may begin firing on the guards, it shouldn't be too heavily guarded just mind where you shoot, when you're done meet up back at the Square"

"Understood Comrade." The Captain of Team A spoke she was a rather petite woman but her ability with a rifle were second to none.

"Excellent Team B you're to secure the areas marked on your map and prepare defensive positions when you're done I want you to send half your team to support Team C."

"Right Boss." Meo, the Captain of Team B replied she was a bulky woman some people thought she was stronger than Otto himself, of course neither dared challenge the other to anything worse than the occasional arm wrestle.

"And finally my team, Team C will assault garrison command at the north of the city if we're lucky we'll catch them off guard so they won't go call for backup." Otto finished.

"Alright people, you all have your orders. Let's take our freedom."

"For Meltor, for the time hath come for liberation!" They shouted in unison before running off to their stations.

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  we back
Posted by: Novmir - 07-05-2021, 04:48 PM - Forum: Meta (out of character) - Replies (2)

risen from the dead

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  Province of Hautsing Act 1865
Posted by: Kingdom of Candanadium - 06-12-2021, 12:33 PM - Forum: Kingdom of Candanadium | Königreich Kandanadium - No Replies

[Image: pTaBLJC.png?1]



This act may be cited as the Province of Hautsing Act, 1865.

WHEREAS throughout the course of Kaltach history, it has been necessary for nation-states to expand their borders outside of those lands traditionally populated by their folk,

And WHEREAS it is the nature of the good folk of Candanadium to welcome in a brotherly manner those who are willing to adopt the Candanadian way of life as fellow citizens,

NOTING WITH GRAVITY, that, under the Kaltach and Akarean custom, the rights of the folk of a region must be held sacrosanct and must be consulted in any situation involving the change of their sovereign status as a folk,

RECALLING that, during the Akarean civil-conflict of the years prior, the island of Hautsing, under the joint sovereign administration of His Majesy the King through His Majesty's Government on Hautsing and the Government of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea, has become home and haven to many thousands of Akarean folk fleeing the chaos of the Akarean islands, including loyal subjects of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea,

And RECALLING His Majesty the King's personal favour and disposition towards His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea, as well as the ties of kinship forged by Their Majesties over the centuries of brotherly relations between the folk of Candanadium and Akarea,

Further RECALLING that ordination as a province in the Kingdom of Candanadium is the will of the folk of Hautsing, in a plebiscite demonstrated, 

REAFFIRMING that the revolutionary Government of Akarea has relinquished all sovereign rights and claims over the island of Hautsing, with the consent of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea,

Now, therefore, His Majesty the King, by and with the Advice and Consent of His Majesty's Federal Crown Council in Right of Candanadium, enacts as follows:

That the island of Hautsing, now falling solely under the sovereign right of His Majesty the King, is ordained as a Province of the Kingdom, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, in perpetuity,

That the good folk of Hautsing are subjects of His Majesty the King, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, in perpetuity,

That His Majesty the King shall endeavour to respect, shield, and maintain the ancient custom of the good folk of Hautsing, including their language, faith, and various customs,

That His Majesty's Government shall endeavour to create a Provincial Government of Hautsing,

That His Majesty's Government shall extend every privilege to the folk of Hautsing afforded to the folk of main-land Candanadium, and to bring the standards of life of the folk of Hautsing in life with the rest of the folk of Candanadium,

Long Live The King.

Done under Our Hand at New Konigstadt, in the Light of the Lord and under the Oseanian Gods, this twenty-first day of September, years since the Great Catastrophe one thousand, eight hundred, and sixty-five.

(signed) His Majesty, King Hans von Magnar, First of His Name, the Great, By the Grace of Eostre and the Gods of Oseania, King of Candanadium, King in Edofasia, and by the Grace of Eosken and the Lady of the Wastes, Oberjall of Jokullheim.

(signed) Hubertus Oberhauser, Chancellor.

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  Chapter two(civil war begins)
Posted by: Ergkek - 06-10-2021, 01:50 PM - Forum: Conflicts - No Replies

The build-up
After years of racism, the people of vond had enough and protested, after that it became riots, and then politics took control of those riots splitting them into different factions, now how did the politicians took over, well they promised the rioters that their party will solve everything 

Now you may ask how did this racism manifest? Well you see during the 1200 vondia came about and they started to conquered and conquered land until the 1400's when they attacked ergkek and conquered and conquered, they enslaved the ergkekian population and they burned down the ergkekian temples and cursed ergkek, they burned down the historical capital of urgrek

The civil war has begun
The people have armed themselves, and have taken some land, and have formed different factions

The government's reaction
The government were surprised but quickly called the military and started to fortify themselves capturing many key cities and resources, to wait out this civil war until someone attacks them, their plan is to wait out the civil war, and gather a lot of resources meanwhile the enemy's exhausts theirs

People of ergkek there are some terrorists call themselves the GEE, SCL, GSOE, GCEL and the terrorist are here to rip our republic! So we must show them that we won't fall that we won't submit!

The thoughts and reactions of the vonds
The vonds are being most affected by this
As they have been thrown into poverty their young men and women go out into the great deserts never to return, many think that this war will bring them equality, and prosperity to vondia! But some think that the current government was already doing that, either way, you slice it, they have been affected in a negative way

The thoughts and reaction of the dertili
The dertili think that the war is pointless, that it will only bring destruction, they were shocked when the government announced it they thought to themselves that these terrorists were idiots, now they weren't affected by this, at least not like the vondians…

The plans of the terrorists
They want to end the war quick and install their government the GEE wants to purge the vondians and conquer the world the CSL wants to install their government and the same goes for the GCEL, GSOE
Now the GEE want to vernd them, the GCEL wants the SE(the government) to just submit the CSL want to take all the major cities and force the government to submit, and the GSOE want to conquer the government via chaos.

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Information Overview
Posted by: Satoyama - 06-08-2021, 02:43 AM - Forum: Republic of Satoyama | 佐藤山共和囯 - No Replies

The Republic of Satoyama

Satoyama, officially named The Republic of Satoyama (佐藤山共和国), referred to simply as "Satoyama" in most other foreign languages, is an independent city-state located on a peninsula just north of the Akarean island of Sanshan. Quite like fellow city-states Drullhus and Luxlein, Satoyama produces stunning industrial and economic output for a state of its size. Since its founding, it has been an observer state of the Kaltach Union, thus receiving benefits such as economic development, trade, mutual defense and a diplomatic bloc, but not being able to vote on affairs.

For a state of its type, Satoyama is surprisingly sparsely-populated, with a population of 1,025,000 to the nearest 1,000 according to the 2015 national census. It is incredibly rich in biodiversity and geographical diversity, with its beaches, mountains and marshlands being home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, such as the swamp dart frog, the Satoyama parrotlet and the pygmy beachrunner.

The first signs of Satoyaman civilisation emerged in around 700AD while it was still part of the Akarean empire, and began to develop throughout the following century at the height of imperialism. Strategically forming ties with Cenaesia, they achieved full independence from the empire, and from that point on, began to develop on their own.

Since their separation from the Akarean Empire, Satoyama was ran by a republican government, with a president voted for by the common adult population standing at the top. The national legislature there is known as the Kokkai ("National Assembly"; 国会) composed of many different political parties of varying sizes, each with a single representative. 

The small, compassionate populace of Satoyama enjoy very good civil rights and high levels of freedom, as well as a surprising amount of living space considering their size as a state, with the most popular types of housing being multi-floor apartments downtown. Average income is at an impressive 10,000,000 Yen, and is relatively evenly distributed. 

Satoyama is known for punching far above its weight in sheer economic power, which is highly diversified and led by the auto manufacturing industry, with retail, book publishing and information technology following close behind. Aside from that, they are also famed for their very strong heritage in motor racing, unique culture and cuisine, its frighteningly efficient public transport system and strong social progressivism. The Satoyaman military takes the form of a miniscule, but incredibly skilled and well-armed elite forces squad, mostly engaging in undercover missions abroad rather than frontline combat.

The Republic of Satoyama 佐藤山共和国

Depicting a sunset behind Mount Hoshino, the highest mountain in Satoyama.

Mirai ni ikuru ([i]未来に生きる[i][/i][/i]
) |  Live in the future.

Official Language: Satoyaman

Ethnic Group: Satoyaman

Religion: Agnostic

Demonym(s): Satoyaman; Satoko (佐藤子)

Government: Presidential, democratic republic -President: Kenji Shinoda

Legislature: The National Assembly -Upper House: The House of Councillors (参議院, Sangin) -Lower House:The House of Representatives (衆議院, Shugin)

Area: -Total: km²

Population: -2016 Estimate: 1,025,107

GDP (Nominal) : -Total: YMY ¥150 trillion -Per Capita: YMY ¥11.1 million

Currency: Satoyaman Yen (¥) (YMY)

Date Format: dd.mm.yyyy

Driving side: right

Calling Code: +34

Internet TLD: .ym

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  Resignation, Arrest and Indictment of President Ferrant
Posted by: Luxlein - 06-07-2021, 08:01 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

The Presidential Palace
Santangel, United Republics of Luxlein
March 25, 2016

Today felt different. Maybe it was because it was 12:15 PM and it was warm. But it may have crossed his mind that this was all a dream.

But it wasn't. You know damn well this is not a dream, Ferrant kept telling myself. You put your entire plan into jeopardy. He turned towards the camera, knowing that these words would be devastating for many and be celebrated by a few. The countdown started. There was no going back.

I have to do this. Not for me. But for them. The people.

Five… four…. three… two… And the light turned green.

“Esteemed citizens of Luxlein…” His eyes were calm and soft. “I have always been accountable. I have always done my best to establish the right choices and recognize the wrong ones.”

“For almost a decade, I worked alongside you with all my heart and with effort to make this country great. And even though I feel there is still much to do, I am deeply grateful to those who stepped forward with me to do their best in this praiseworthy deed. Over the past few weeks, many of you have been exercising your right to freedom of expression. The claim has been overwhelming and I have received it with the highest degree of humility.”

“Since I was first sworn in, I have made every effort to ensure that my decisions always take into account the welfare of our people. Against all odds, we managed to establish the path of planning, execution, and progress that has led us to become a beacon of hope for a united and democratic world.”

“In the end, results are what counts. Let us recognize that they are favorable results, in the worst imaginable scenario. These results emanate from the work, sacrifice and love that one applies. My administration did its best, dedicating day and night, weekends and holidays to attend to each one of the needs of our people.”

“No government has been able to implement transformational changes that make today’s Luxlein a more equitable and just place. But I have committed several mistakes during my leadership. And I can no longer continue to believe that committing these acts is for the benefit of all. Despite having the mandate of the people who democratically elected me, today I feel that to continue in this position represents a difficulty for the success achieved to last.”

“After hearing your claims and thinking about our country’s position at the world stage, I have made the following decision: today I announce that I will be resigning from the post of President, effective immediately.”

“The person who assumes the weight of the office I have had the honor and privilege of occupying will need the will of the people and the support of those who work tirelessly for our country. At this time, according to the legal system, that person would be Prime Minister Maria Sofia Velazquez. I am confident that Luxlein will continue to unite and move forward as it has always done under her leadership.”

“I hope that this decision will serve as a call for the national reconciliation that we need in order to move forward with this country’s mission to spread democracy at home and abroad. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve you. It has been the greatest honor one may have.”

The light turned red.

Neus Olloqui, his Chief of Staff, blew her nose. “Sir. The police… they are outside.”

“I’ll take the fall for all of us. Don’t worry about me.” Ferrant hugged her. “Thank you for standing by me. Help Maria in everything. Tell her to reverse some of the policies that are labeled ‘undemocratic’ by the legal team. Keep her on the right track to get the projects done.”

Ferrant approached the police. “Are there cameras outside?” He asked them as they handcuffed him. The two officers both nobbed. “Very well. Let’s give them a good show.”

“There he is!” One photographer pointed towards the entrance of the presidential palace. “Mr. Ferrant! Over here!” The journalists, anchors and photographers swarmed around Ferrant as he was escorted to the limousine by the Federal Security Service.

“Ferrant! Is it true that you resigned out of pressure from foreign powers?” One reporter asked as a photographer took pictures.  “How does it feel to be the first head of state to be indicted by the International Chancellery of Justice?,” another asked. “How is your family taking this? Do they know that you committed crimes against humanity?”

“We interrupt this program with some breaking news,” the television in the prison caught everyone’s attention. Even the Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party was paying attention to the news anchor.

“After weeks of protests against the alleged human rights violations committed by military and police personnel and their agents, Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant has resigned from his position as President of the United Republics of Luxlein.” The Senior Leadership cheered and howled, awaiting this for as long as they could.

“In addition, we can confirm that Ferrant has been arrested after the International Chancellery of Justice indicted him for crimes against humanity.” The whole room fell silent. The Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party sat there and stopped their celebrations. “According to the indictment, the Prosecution of the International Chancellery of Justice alleges that these crimes against humanity span more than a decade.”

“We did not want this. Ferrant was just supposed to step down. Not face the Chancellery,” Laguna said. “The people loved him. We are not going to be winning any votes. We will be blamed for this.”

“You might be right,” Monedero said. “But Ferrant knows that it’s the right thing to do.”

The Palace of Justice
Santangel, United Republics of Luxlein
March 30, 2016

Judge Antonio Jesús Piedrabuena stared at Ferrant, feeling pity. He never expected to see a friend of his in a jumpsuit. But regardless of their friendship, he must uphold the law. 5 days have gone by, as the trial of the century continued. The Judge was surprised by the horrors Ferrant committed and the punishment the Chief Prosecutor requested. Life sentencing for a man of his status?

“Has the defendant decided on how he would plead?” He stared at Ferrant and his lawyer.

“Yes your Honor,” said the lawyer. “The defendant pleads guilty to all counts-”

Several onlookers in the back, including journalists, screamed or fainted. Those words shocked the nation in ways one could never imagine. The whole world just witnessed the first former head of state plead guilty to crimes against humanity in front of the International Chancellery of Justice.

“Order! Order!,” the Judge kept banging the gavel until it broke in two. “Order!”

The frenzy calmed down, and the Judge resumed. “The defendant has decided to plead guilty?” He asked him for clarification, as the Chief Prosecutor stayed in shock with his mouth open, as he stared at Ferrant.

“Yes your Honor. The defendant pleads guilty to all counts. He expresses remorse for his actions and hopes that future administrations would avoid committing such actions.”

“Well then, as we have heard from the Prosecution and the Defense the appropriate sentencing, we must recognize that such actions will never go unpunished, especially when dealing with a head of state, current or former. Mr. Ferrant?” The Judge hoped to catch the eyes of the former President. “Do you have anything else to say before I sentence you?”

Ferrant stood up, and looked at the Judge and the cameras surrounding him. “My only wish is to see this country on the path to peace and prosperity. This country will forever be part of the mission we, as its citizens, hold. No sentence will ever be equal to the atrocities I have committed on our lands, but I hope that we can reconcile as one nation.” He sat down with calm, yet with poise.

“Very well. Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant, having given due weight to the factors set out, the Trial Chamber sentences you to a period of 30 years’ imprisonment.” The gavel fell, and with that, the trial was over. Justice was served, and the country may continue to be the beacon of democracy in the darkest corners of the world.

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  Chapter one(riots)
Posted by: Ergkek - 06-04-2021, 05:34 PM - Forum: Conflicts - Replies (2)

Chapter one (riots)
The civil war has started riots have risen all over the country, villages have been burned
The military has been called, and vond is in chaos, a local officer yes

"It's chaos there, their monsters"

It is utter chaos there, as officers use armored trucks, and water tanks to keep them in check.

But the people aren't dumb, they have developed tactics, like putting cones on tear gas, or using leaf blowers to repeal tear gas ECT

Which has been giving cops a hard time, and some of them…

Some groups Have started to arm themselves, which has caused the military to get involved, these groups have been terrorizing local villages, and burning them down…

But still, this is nothing, it's not like they are going to create army's and declare independence and go out and conquer more land, right(and that's foreshadowing)
But anyways, sir Isaac said this about these riots

"These people are insane we have provided them a a a communist Utopia
And yet there rioting against us this is absurd, I say "

Now you may say wait why is everyone else rioting, well they are lead by politics who want power, who want the government, to be ruled by them…

And this civil unrest is the perfect moment to take control, and so we are here…

The riots have caused a lot of chaos, these rioters have destroyed homes, robbed businesses, farm, factory's, ECT

They have caused the economy to plummet a little, and if they manage to get their hands on guns like those groups, oh meu the al-father protect us…

Chapter two(civil war)

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  The people of lesser vond
Posted by: Ergkek - 06-04-2021, 12:37 AM - Forum: The United Socialist States of Ergkek | Os Estnited Estcialist Estados of Ergkek - No Replies

The people of lesser vond, are discriminate, treated as pigs, you see during the 1900s the sultan Maximus Cursino El mando ali muhad de Silva, gandered and impressive army of 1 million, to go and burn down vond to the ground he said

"Men! Today we fight back, today you win, for your sultan, for your country, those vonds have beaten us they have enslaved us, and burned down our ak're temples, now we burn down there bc'vi temples those bastards, they'll pay with their life!"

So the war began, it was brutal, it left vond in shambles, they were now just a shadow of there former self, millions of vonds were enslaved by the sultan, as he gave the order to do so, three days later he was assassinated, his son took over but he went mad with power and enslaved all that we're not noble, or a apart of the milatery, of course due to this ergkekians revolted…

Due to this racist past vonds are mad they want their empire…
And they might get it

The people and how they live
They live by the laws of bc'vi their god
Their religion States all men must fight and make someone bleed, and women are nothing but play things, they have no rights!
The streets are filed with chaos, blood it's used as paint, and dead bodies of animals can be found in every house, soliders must be called just to keep the peace…

The cult of bc'vi
The cult of bc'vi is worshiped by every vondian, the god bc'vi is the god of chaos blood and war, it is said that he him self lead the vonds to victory in every battle, that was the one that lead the vonds to the south during the thousand year war.
The laws of this religion is
Women are nothing but property
Men must fight
Children must have jobs
And all must paint their homes with blood so the Chao master knows which one not to kill when the end comes
It is also believed that men become chaos soliders after death

After affects of the first Revaluation
The war left bond in ruins, and it's people enslaved, when the first revaluation happened the popular vonds matter leader Erick sermon Pedro El Paso Texas, stated

"If vonds are not free'd we will succeed, and we will form our own country"

The prime minister Pedro de Silva responded with

"This is a democracy, if the people want you to be free you will be free!"

After that the new order was brought up, after many hours and bickering, they came to an agreement
The dertili will be in power since they did most of the work, then the Makili will get 200 seats in the government, and the vonds will get 200 too..

The second war(1955)
The second war, unfortunately I'll have to write something else for this as it is far to long, and it deserves to be in the conflict category, but long story short it was bad(1920

The after affects of the war(1960)

It left the new state in chaos as during the war many many many bombs were dropped
Leaving lesser vond in ruins, unfortunately the democratic state of ergkek is a forgiving one, they helped them regrow, build businesses, factories, farm, homes, ECT
Which brought in alot of money for ergkek
So the government grew and grew
And trading with luxien help alot
To better the economic situation of vond

The first fascist coup(1970)
The fascists were influenced by Luxlein, now this is not about the coup, this is about how it affected vond
The fascist sent vondians to concentration camps, these fascist were known as the GEE
now these concentration camps were horrific, they were forced to have sex with kekians, they were treated as play things, animals cattle…
Millions died.. and I'll like to take a second to say this may their souls rest…

The fall of The GEE and rise of TSROE or SE(1987)
The communist liberated the country from Leberu with the help From the Confederacy

They rode through vondian roads
With the people chanting long live the revaluation! And they free'd vond, after helping bond rebuild, they began their new communist democracy.

The first protests(modern day)
This is the start of the civil war 
There have been protests all over the country
And one fight…
My friends this is the beginning of an era.

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Posted by: Alpenraum - 05-25-2021, 05:15 PM - Forum: Meta (out of character) - No Replies

moffatt is in the nfl
dont believe me?

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  Songs of The Crisis
Posted by: Alpenraum - 05-24-2021, 07:52 PM - Forum: Kingdom of Alpenraum | Königreich Alpenraum - No Replies

This was a song commonly sung by the Airborne troops, mainly the Lotharingian Airborne Troops.  The song is rumoured to have started after a member of the Airborne died accidentally due to a malfunction during a drop.

[Verse 1]
He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright,
He checked off his equipment and made sure his pack was tight;
He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar,
You ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 2]
"Is everybody happy?" cried the Sergeant looking up,
Our hero feebly answered, "yes" and then they stood him up;
He jumped into the icy blast, his static line unhooked,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 3]
He counted long, he counted loud, he waited for the shock,
He felt the wind, he felt the cold, he felt the awful drop,
The silk from his reserves spilled out, and wrapped around his legs,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 4]
The risers swung around his neck, connectors cracked his dome,
Suspension lines were tied in knots around his skinny bones;
The canopy became his shroud; he hurtled to the ground.

And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 5]
The days he'd lived and loved and laughed kept running through his mind,
He thought about the girl back home, the one he'd left behind;
He thought about the medic corps, and wondered what they'd find,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 6]
The ambulance was on the spot, the jeeps were running wild,
The medics jumped and screamed with glee, they rolled their sleeves and smiled,
For it had been a week or more since last a 'chute had failed,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 7]
He hit the ground, the sound was "SPLAT", his blood went spurting high;
His comrades, they were heard to say "a hell of a way to die!"
He lay there, rolling 'round in the welter of his gore,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

[Verse 8]
There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute,
Intestines were a-dangling from his paratroopers suit,
He was a mess, they picked him up, and poured him from his boots,
And he ain't gonna jump no more

Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,
He ain't gonna jump no more

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