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Overview - Satoyama - 06-08-2021

The Republic of Satoyama

Satoyama, officially named The Republic of Satoyama (佐藤山共和国), referred to simply as "Satoyama" in most other foreign languages, is an independent city-state located on a peninsula just north of the Akarean island of Sanshan. Quite like fellow city-states Drullhus and Luxlein, Satoyama produces stunning industrial and economic output for a state of its size. Since its founding, it has been an observer state of the Kaltach Union, thus receiving benefits such as economic development, trade, mutual defense and a diplomatic bloc, but not being able to vote on affairs.

For a state of its type, Satoyama is surprisingly sparsely-populated, with a population of 1,025,000 to the nearest 1,000 according to the 2015 national census. It is incredibly rich in biodiversity and geographical diversity, with its beaches, mountains and marshlands being home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, such as the swamp dart frog, the Satoyama parrotlet and the pygmy beachrunner.

The first signs of Satoyaman civilisation emerged in around 700AD while it was still part of the Akarean empire, and began to develop throughout the following century at the height of imperialism. Strategically forming ties with Cenaesia, they achieved full independence from the empire, and from that point on, began to develop on their own.

Since their separation from the Akarean Empire, Satoyama was ran by a republican government, with a president voted for by the common adult population standing at the top. The national legislature there is known as the Kokkai ("National Assembly"; 国会) composed of many different political parties of varying sizes, each with a single representative. 

The small, compassionate populace of Satoyama enjoy very good civil rights and high levels of freedom, as well as a surprising amount of living space considering their size as a state, with the most popular types of housing being multi-floor apartments downtown. Average income is at an impressive 10,000,000 Yen, and is relatively evenly distributed. 

Satoyama is known for punching far above its weight in sheer economic power, which is highly diversified and led by the auto manufacturing industry, with retail, book publishing and information technology following close behind. Aside from that, they are also famed for their very strong heritage in motor racing, unique culture and cuisine, its frighteningly efficient public transport system and strong social progressivism. The Satoyaman military takes the form of a miniscule, but incredibly skilled and well-armed elite forces squad, mostly engaging in undercover missions abroad rather than frontline combat.

The Republic of Satoyama 佐藤山共和国

Depicting a sunset behind Mount Hoshino, the highest mountain in Satoyama.

Mirai ni ikuru ([i]未来に生きる[i][/i][/i]
) |  Live in the future.

Official Language: Satoyaman

Ethnic Group: Satoyaman

Religion: Agnostic

Demonym(s): Satoyaman; Satoko (佐藤子)

Government: Presidential, democratic republic -President: Kenji Shinoda

Legislature: The National Assembly -Upper House: The House of Councillors (参議院, Sangin) -Lower House:The House of Representatives (衆議院, Shugin)

Area: -Total: km²

Population: -2016 Estimate: 1,025,107

GDP (Nominal) : -Total: YMY ¥150 trillion -Per Capita: YMY ¥11.1 million

Currency: Satoyaman Yen (¥) (YMY)

Date Format:

Driving side: right

Calling Code: +34

Internet TLD: .ym