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The Updated History of Alayka - Kingdom of Alayka - 07-22-2020

1916: The Alaykan Revolt happens to Kick out the Novmirians After seeing how the first Edofasian Crisis worked out for the Edofasians 
1918: Alayka gains its freedom from the Novimr Crown.
1919: Duke Nikolay of Alexagrad is Crowned King Nikolay the 3rd 
1940: The Heir to Alayka, Princess Kanila of Alayka is born 
1957: King Nikolay the 3rd contracts Tuberculosis and is bed written, Prince Kalinoa of Sevroslav takes over as regent.
1960: King Nikolay dies and is Succeeded by Queen Kanila "The Diplomat"
1974: Alayka is emitted into The Kaltach union as an Observer State.
1980: Prince Nikolay The 4th is born
1998: Queen Kanila dies peacefully and is Succeeded By King Nikolay the 4th.
2008: A Native Revolt Happens in the Sevroslav Autonomous Territories by the Native Liberation Army (NLA)
2014: Edofasian Intervention in The revolt and for payment because how incompetent the Alayka military was, The annexation of northern Lakedan.
2015: Abdication of King Nikolay The 4th to Princess Manya because of The Luxlein Papers.