Nov 4

Litzische Seizure of the Tsarisatian Straits

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Edited: Nov 4

In a move to control trade inside and outside of the Stillen Ocean, as well as to show the world the Litzelands are still strong, the Litzische Volkswehr sent a detachment of Marines to the mouth of the Stillen Ocean where it connects to the Moszeiker Sea. The native Tsarisatians, far-distant cousins of the Varsovians, were wary of joining the Litzelands at first, but a second detachment of solely Varsovian troops assured the people that everything would be fine. Of course, this was not to say that the troops did not meet any resistance, as there were a number of Tsarisatian paramilitary units that attempted to maintain control of the land. Current operations are being engaged. More to report, later.

Establishment of the Tsarisatian Governate Today, the Tsarisatians were given their own status as an autonomous Governate of the Litzelands, however, instead of being a subject of the Litzische Autonomous Socialist Republic, they are subjects of the Varsovian Autonomous Socialist Republic, due to cultural and linguistic similarities between the two areas. Many of the old Royalists see this as a travesty, and a good portion of Tsarisatians see it as an unequal compromise, but the Supreme Soviet of the Litzelands has guaranteed that more rights will be granted later on and has signed a document making this "later on" deadlined.

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