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The Condensed History of Sonvarim

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The history of the massive ca superpower Sonvarim is rich in history, from wars to music, let's take a dive into Sonvarim.


???-500: Shizato


Around this time, a city-state was formed, named "Shizato". From ancient records, Shizato was a truly glorious state of its time, it was a paradise in the world. The ancient records praise its Militaristic Force and its amazing trade system. They pioneered in Fish Markets and Steels. The district in which the Royal Palace and Parliament buildings are named "Shizato".


500-1200: Expansion Period

Shizato would begin its expansion into more lands with its powerful military, and by 566 had formed the borders of the current state of "Voryavyaa" in today's Sonvarim. By 1200, the mainland borders of Sonvarim had been made.


1200-1310: The Cultural Golden Age


In Shizato, massive cultural and scientific advancements were taken. Music and art boomed. the first drawings of guns were made. A time of new inventions and new ideas was big in Shizato at the time


1310-1316: The Great Donvian War


The Kingdom of Donvia had declared war on the newly named "Grand Duchy of Voravia" due to resource needs. Little did the Donvians know, the Voravian military was very strong, and it was a beatdown. Voravia annexed some islands belonging to Donvia after the war was over.


1317:The Birth of the Golden Eagle


After the Donvian War had ceased, the current King, Vicaso I Sonari Declared from this moment on, his country was named The Kingdom of Sonvarim, and that his name was Vicaso I Sonvarim. That day, he was thinking about a flag or banner that wouldn't be so plain as the black with a gold stripe through it. He looked at the clouds and soaring at him was the famous Voravian Gold Eagle, Apex Predator of the Skies. It landed right next to his side, and as the story goes, he never left his side. Its beak was red from the smaller bird it had just eaten. A symbol of Strength. A symbol of Dominance. And so, the Flag of Sonvarim was created. And it seems like the country that flies that flag has become a dominant and strong nation in the world.


1318-1950: Normality


For the next few hundred years, Sonvarim continued to advance in every aspect of society. The Military got stronger and more advanced every year. Scientific inventions boomed. Sonvarim was getting closer and closer to becoming a world superpower.


1950-1954: War of The Poppies


After land conflict and tensions boiled up, The Grand Duchy of Yetkia and The Kingdom of Sonvarim went to war. around 310,500 people died during the war. It was named "War of the Poppies" as Yetkia was dominated by massive Poppy fields, which turned to battlefields for soldiers. After fully annexing Yetkia, many considered Sonvarim to be a world superpower.


1954-Present Day: Progression

Ever since the War of The Poppies ended, Sonvarim has continued it's rapid growth and development, and now sits as a very developed and strong nation. Thousand-year has passed and Sonvarim has always lived up to the Golden Eagle Reqiuem, "March Forward!".


" Thousand-year has passed and Sonvarim has always lived up to the Golden Eagle Reqiuem" This is...Requiem

New Posts
  • The snap elections were over, the people had voted, and the Supreme Soviet of the nation had ratified the Constitution. Now, all that was left was to officially declare the Chancellor of the Litzelands, and who better to do it than the revolutionary soldier, Fyodor Arestalt. Although Fyodor is Varsovian, and not Litzische, the populace of the nation is more than happy to have this smart, strategic, compassionate young man run the country, even if he isn't of the dominant Ethnicity, which is sure to please the Varsovians. The thing is, Fyodor didn't even run for the office of Chancellor, he is being pressed into it by supermajority vote. Fyodor was in the state meetings during this election, and when one of the Red Guards stationed at the building congratulated him, he was very surprised, but accepted his position anyways, immediately assuring the people surrounding him that he would do his best to lead the Litzelands into the future. This is the true beginning of the new Era.
  • Alekur Edmundsson looked off the balcony of his northernmost estate. It made his blood boil. 20 miles north was a heavily guarded border, separating Trefjallis from Trefjallis. THe large, overextended, empire of Sonvarim looms over every man or woman, child or senior, citizen or expat of Trefjall. He wished he could do something, but what? The Sonvarish army was too strong, and their people were too suborn. They had to expand just from their small city-state, just to oppress such vulnerable people? At least the Candanadians did something to help. He walked back inside, shivering from the wind and having no other protection than his robe. Walking to the shower, he knew what would happen if he acted like his predecessors, waiting, and waiting, for them to strike. No more Trefjallis close enough to catch a whiff of the sulfur from the springs, yet far away, locked in a house, without a job, or family, bowing to a man living in Voravia. No more would a man or woman, child or senior, citizen or expat of Trefjalli decent will live in foreign lands. The picture on the mirror rang out to him, himself yelling for cause, for purpose. People listening to him, almost as he was a prophet. It was better to not think of it now, though. He had a job to do.
  • Truth and hope in our Fatherland! And death to every foe! Our soldiers shall not pause to rest We vow our loyalty Old traditions they will abide Arise, young heroes! Our past inspires noble deeds All Hail Sonvarim! Immortal beacon shows the way Step forth, seek glory! Hoist your swords high into the clouds Hail Sonvarim! Our Emperor stands astride this world He'll vanquish every foe! His truth and justice shine so bright All hail his brilliant light! Never will he be overthrown Like mountains and sea His bloodline immortal and pure All Hail Sonvarim! So let his wisdom guide our way Go forth and seek glory Hoist your swords high into the clouds Hail Sonvarim!

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