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"Large Sections" of Fujing Subway "Underwater" as 2016 Monsoon Season Begins
Yu Lien, ASN Correspondent in Fujing - 11/01/2016 13:31 AST

The FTA has confirmed that "large sections" of the Fujing Subway are flooded as the 2016 monsoon season reaches the central regions of the Union.

Continued failures for the FTA to implement more reliable flood prevention infrastructure has directly resulted in the large amounts of water collecting in the underground tunnels of the network. Service amendments have been put in place on over 33 of the Subway's 114 routes, with 6 routes completely closed. These include key lines that serve heavy tourist and business destinations, including ward G and the hyperdense wards.

The FTA claims that measures are being put in place to mitigate the damage to the railway infrastructure and that they aim to have these routes running services again within hours and days rather than the estimates of weeks and months initially provided by the city Police. The public is sceptical.

"I use the Subway all day", said Xi Ming, 19, a takeaway delivery carrier who uses the Subway to make rounds. "If I can't serve the hyperdense wards, it's only a handful of stations but they're Fujing's biggest and there's millions I can't deliver to anymore."

Countless citizens of deep Fujing have expressed their dismay at the situation, saying that the lack in services will cause people to lose money, and possibly even their jobs. There have been calls for FTA to reimburse affected commuters for the costs caused by the floods. The FTA refused to comment on this.

In the meantime, the other transport offered in the city, including FTA trams and buses as well as buses and taxis offered by other organisations and companies have observed a considerable increase in load.

"The trams are designed to feed the subway. They're not supposed to actually carry people long-distance, they just don't have the capacity. I waited for 8 trams but each one was completely rammed by the time they reached my stop, and I mean there were people hanging off the outside. Eventually I relented and took a taxi, but even then I had to wait for nearly an hour for a free cab." Tai Yong, a lecturer at Zhousei University in Sun Yan who was visiting the capital for work purposes, explained that the delay caused him to be several hours late for an incredibly important meeting. "This is affecting my students in Sun Yan, hundreds of miles from the capital. This flooding is having a nationwide impact."

Up to date travel guidance from the FTA can be found online at

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