The Red Partisans: Alpha 15
The Road was empty...

Thinking about it that wasn't really anything new, they were almost always empty, no cars, no people just a single black line crossing the desert to parts unknown. "Well, I mean what did they expect?" I asked myself.

"Building a road in a country with barely any cars, absolute idiots," I whispered, well actually I know why they built them, but such logic is out of my reach.

a member of De Rouze Partiozion, The Red Partisans. A group of communists from all sides of the left interested in restoring Meltor to its former glory. And pry it away from the corporations who desire profit rather than actually helping the country. Lofty and noble goals indeed but that was enough thinking about stuff like that he had a job to do, an important one at that. My uniform, well less of a uniform and more of Khaki shirt and a ruffed up pair of black trousers, the only distinguishing feature that makes me look any different from a civilian was the small hastily patched on logo, the logo of Aplania:13, Alpha:13 

[Image: ogP6OsX.png]
"The Golden Swords that strike The Dark Star." He remembers those well from his first mission many years ago...

Fifteen Years Ago
It was dark outside, I don't remember how I got here or originally why I was told to go here. I just knew he had to be here. The room was filled with 25 tables with two chairs each with two people per table, the room had blank walls and a grey carpet, this was The Special Operations Meeting room, a room that had been seen as neigh holy back in the day of my recruit period. It was always funny how the DRP had its own network of training camps that for all intents and purposes did not exist. A shadow stalking reality. The man in front of him with the rank Armantra, Commander General, A high ranking position... One you don't see every day at least.
"Alright, men you have all be selected as prime candidates for a new insurgency squad, you will take on the toughest missions and fight for the glory of The Meltorian People. But I ask of you, are you ready to serve?" Said The General his voice was calm and his eyes warry looking for any possible weak links in the group. His eyes were blue and his hair slightly ginger with a streak of grey on his right side. His uniform was pristine and his black boots clearly polished.

The room soon responded with variations of "Yes, Sir". However, I had soon realized something. I hadn't actually said anything, my mouth was dry and my lips shut. I don't know I just couldn't be a loyal dog, now of all times and now of all places, I couldn't be brave... 

"And what say you Maron Tashara, you have yet to respond." His eyes stared directly into my soul, "Well? What say you? Will you fight?" He finished off, he was clearly very miffed at my lack of a response.

To say I was horrified would be an understatement, I truly was weak, but I to at least say something, anything at all. All that came out was "Maron are you alright? You look distant." To my surprise, A distinctly feminine voice come out of my mouth, a voice that pulled me out of my memory.

"By Sothis Aclara you made me piss myself, don't scare me like that." I hurriedly mumbled in surprise.
"Suprised ye ay? I was in your face for the last minute!" She laughed back. Aclara Sorana a long time friend of mine and a crack shot. When she can actually get her hands on a functioning gun, though he knife-throwing skills were excellent, many bets have been lost to this beast. She wears a uniform much akin to mine but the pants were in a far better condition unless of course, you saw the hurridly stitched together holes all around the knee area.

"So, what were ya thinkin about?" She asked mischievously with a slight smirk on her face.
"Nothing..." I responded.
"Ok, it was definitely that day fifteen years ago." Her slight smirk just got larger, a lot larger.
"Don't smirk at me like that, The Armantra is terrifying!" I said back.

"Pah that would The Epoya to you, if he heard you referring him to that old rank he would have your head." Oh, right I forgot he got promoted to an Epoya, a Battle Commander if my foreign language courses serve me right.
"Oh whatever, how long until you think we find it?" I asked the mission that's what I was thinking about before going back in time to that day. We were told to intercept and steal the contents of a van, a single driver, and two hidden soldiers a quick and easy operation.
"Well, that's why I'm here you twat." She answers "We see the van on the horizon so get ready." She responds dutifully, a stark difference to her initial response.
"Always a good soldier when it comes to it," I whisper to myself.
"Fuck you say?" She says angrily.
"Nothing! Nothing at all." I respond with a grin, her face looks like a devil ready to strike.

Walking away I give a proper look to the caravan we're in. The main room is packed with 5 people with a driver at the front. I'm sitting at the back being closest to the door. Looking to my left I see the gun racket, with only a singular gun, a small pistol. "Guess it's my turn today." I pick up the pistol, supposedly it was made in Candanadium a CandArms model 28 10mm, anything that could have shown that has long since disappeared grabbing the gun and making sure it's ready for combat I stand near the door waiting for the signal.

"Maron!" I hear from the front, must be the driver. "Get read it's nearly the time!"
"You ready?" Standing behind me is Aclara "Don't get distracted this time."
"Don't worry I won't lose myself here of all places," I respond.

I grab the latch firmly and wait for the signal. "Alright now!" I here from the front. I quickly smash open the door in front of me lies the driver's side of a large truck moving at speed. For a second I stare forward making sure I can make it. Then I jump. 

Praying I reach the target.

Thankfully Sothis seems to smile upon me, perhaps she may be even turned back time to help to give me a second chance. I quickly gain my footing and yank open the truck door before grabbing and pulling the driver out the seat, may he find peace in death. A quick and quiet operation I take control of the truck and start to slow her down to a crawl. I hear a knock at the back of me, it seems they realized what was going on. I see the caravan slow to a halt I can hear them opening up the backdoor, the scuffle lasted less than a second as I hear two people drop to the ground with a large metallic thunk must have used a pipe or something.

The door to my right opens up and Aclara comes barging in. "Alright let's get moving." She says without a second thought. Praying the backdoor is shut I get a move on.

Ten Hours later

"Look we're nearing the base," Aclara says staring off into the distance. She's right in the distance I can see the gate leading the small outpost in this area. We had driven for hours until finally reaching a little forest in the Meltorian north. It was cooler than the desert at least.

The gates open up as if already anticipating our arrival, which they were but it's nice to think you have a bigger place in the universe then you actually do. The Sun was setting across the horizon as I exited the truck and opened up the trailer and begin unpacking the crates. There are at least 15 wooden crates. They're surprisingly light.

After the squad moved all the crates out and was congratulated on a job well done by the commander we were finally told what was actually in the crates.

"Paper! Fucking paper? We risked our lives for this shit?!" As usual Aclara quick to anger quickly begins shouting at our section commander, at least he was kind enough to let her finish before continuing.

"As I was saying these paper hold naval and troops movements for the next month and a half." The Section commander finished off. He was a short man, green eyes, and dark brown hair with a large scar cutting down his either fine face. His uniform was a lot more formal than ours. A green trench coat with flashes of red in some places and the badge of a Revlutaria carimarta (Revoluntary Section Commander) a mid-ranking CO that has overall command of a ten-person unit apart of a larger insurgency squad.

"But why do we need those papers, commander?" Behind me, another member named Aoti Numas asks a question that is on everybody's mind.

"Well, High Command is organizing something, something big. The time is perhaps upon us gentlemen." He finishes and leaves the room.

The time may yet come when Meltor will be free.

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