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I'm from Fujing. Born in 905, parents split, grew up bouncing back and forth between 905 and 316, then got my own place in 86. Got married and moved to Sun Yan. My Sunyanish is awful but there's so much more open space here. I remember getting off the plane (and I am NOT good at those little inter-province planes... 🤮) and breathing that clean air for the first time. Surreal.

Fujing is still king when it comes to having everything on your doorstep but something about a hundred million people living on top of one another eventually got to me. It's a beautiful city but I found it horrible. It takes a certain sort of person to be able to survive a life in that place, and I am not that sort of person.
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@xmnka Opposite perspective: I'm a photographer from inland Sun Yan and I'm currently visiting the capital for the first time. Here's some shots I captured. Personally, I find the absolute scale and intensity of this city magnificent. Beautiful, like nature. It's a different sort of nature of course; human nature, I suppose? 🤔

(shameless plug: services for hire at greenbossphotos.blogzone.co.ak)

Shoutout to Yen at Massive Crystal Electronics in the Super Centre Ward 610 for cutting me a massive deal when my lens broke!

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@กัปตันกรีน Wow, great picture of those Type 4 electric trams!! 😁👍👍
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The Fall Festival may be over, but our seasonal discounts are not! 

❄ See the sights of the east coast and the snowy Mirskai! Take the East Coast Express from Port Newcastle to Nordport-by-Ice via Belkhomir just in time for the Eisenstaat Ice Festival. Second class tickets start at $19/3/59.
👑 See the changing of the guard at the Old Palace, and be back in Bayview Park in time for dinner! Konigstadts Link Express tickets start at $4/3/59 for second class.
🌭 Up for a braai? The TransCask service from Williamsburg to Freigrad via Golding is for you. Experience the great Caskhomirian desert with the comfort of your complimentary extra legroom. Second class tickets start at $25/2/30.
🌋 Experience the famous Trefjalli Blue Lagoon at Akranes, only two hours from the Fort by TrefExpress! TrefExpress second class tickets start at $29/3/59.

Better hurry! These prices are only here until January! Book your Great Candanadian Adventure today at CandRail.ka/os/book or call (803) 988-RAIL (7245).

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@CandRailOS Normally I'd comment on this. Might even mention how epic the diesel freight locomotives in the northern hemisphere are, or share my pictures from the time I rode the TrefJet. But apparently that's not allowed. 😞
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@ALL_AKAREAN_TRAINS It would be a great shame to set aside such passions to make way for rude individuals whose present only contributions to this platform are aggression. Trains are cool! Whether it's vintage units from the 70s, our state-of-the-art Type 7000 super-express trains or the combustion-engine freight powerhouses used by our brothers in the north. 😃👍🚂

-Priti Thanom, UR Social Media Rep
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Ugh, corporations pretending to be people. And defending the fuckin train kiddy too? I'm gonna be sick 🤮🤮🤮

get run over by the trains you love so much already @ALL_AKAREAN_TRAINS
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😊😊😊 @UR

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