Anonymous [Image: meltor.png] 10/02/2016  15:28 MLT No. 12597940

just got home from work running the coal mines

a friend taught me how to delete things

but   how do i make big letter
Anonymous [Image: cand.png] 10/02/2016 20:08 OST No. 27366262
Are you actually Meltorian anon? Please tell me it's not just a proxy
Anonymous [Image: belk.png] 10/02 2016 21:13 CET No. 88383899
Of course it's a proxy you dumb bitch, you think those monkeys actually speak Oseanian?
Anonymous [Image: cand.png] 12/02/2016 20:08 CCT No. 28372733

Just bought one of these toilet brushes. Frankly idk why anyone would use this over toilet paper, it takes ages to clean after you're done and it tears up your asshole and cheeks like there's no tomorrow. Overall 0/10 would not recommend

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