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New poll reveals little support for pro-Conservative rallies in Luxlein, with vast majority opposed or indifferent to demonstrations

By Yasmin Carretero | 10:00 PM LST 2/11/2016

A poll conducted after two successive weeks of protests in support of the jailed Conservative Party's Senior Leadership has revealed that just 4 percent of Luxerian were in favor of the rallies, with even fewer willing to join in.

In recent weeks, three unauthorized demonstrations have been organized by allies of the Conservatives, who are currently in prison after being charged with corruption, embezzlement, and money laundering. On February 8 and February 10, organized marches were held in the center of cities throughout Luxlein.

A survey from the Luxerian Freedom Center has discovered that only 4 percent of Luxerians are in favor of the rallies.

President Ferrant orders officials to prepare plans for creation of Luxerian Court of Human Rights

By Jan Rey | 10:30 PM LST 2/11/2016

President Emmanuel Ferrant has instructed the country's Constitutional Court to assess the feasibility of creating a national court of human rights. He first expressed interest in the idea last year.

In accordance with Executive Order 1461, the Office of the President has given the Constitutional Court until August 5 to submit proposals for creating a national institution to judge human rights cases. The idea was first floated on late December by Raquel Navarro, National Security Advisor.

In order to include the Department of Justice in drafting these proposals, President Emmanuel Ferrant retracted Executive Order 1460, which temporarily suspended the Department's activities. According to sources within the Presidential Palace, there is speculation that he will be nominating a new Secretary of Justice soon.

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Ferrant Is Said to Pick Neera Oronoz to lead Justice Department
By Jesus Blázquez | 9:30 PM LST 2/21/2016

President Emmanuel Ferrant plans to nominate Judge Neera Oronoz to be the New Secretary of the Justice Department, placing the task of repairing a beleaguered Justice Department in the hands of a centrist judge, according to a person familiar with the matter.

If confirmed, Judge Oronoz would inherit a department that has grown politicized under President Ferrant. She would decide whether to pursue investigations into Mr. Ferrant, his associates and his former and current cabinet members, a topic that has divided Democrats and even employees inside the department.

Corporate Luxlein Flexes Its Political Muscle
By Yanira Botero | 9:30 PM LST 2/21/2016

The longstanding alliance between big business and politics is being tested as never before.

Business groups and leaders of large corporations condemned the arrest of the Conservative Party’s Senior Leadership. Labor unions also denounced the violence. After days of silence from CEOs, a group of chief executives from some of the nation’s largest companies, called on the president and other officials to “put an end to the chaos and facilitate the peaceful transition of power.” The chief executive of the Luxerian Association of Businesses, Gabriela Santander, called the events an attack on democracy. “We are witnessing one of the greatest assaults on our democracy since the coup of 1951,” she said.

The proclamations of chief executives might not normally matter much in political discourse, and there are some who are skeptical that their motives are anything beyond self-interest. But in a fractured moment, the unified voice of the mainstream business world carries a great deal of symbolic heft.

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Luxlein Protests: Demonstrators Demand President’s Resignation
By Juan Francisco Cubero | 9:30 AM LST 3/3/2016

Hundreds of thousands of Luxerians filled miles of a major highway in Santángel in protest against President Emmanuel Alejandro Ferrant, who has resisted persistent calls for his resignation, in what appeared to be one of the largest demonstrations the country has seen.

The highway, Expreso Olloqui, teemed with people who carried Luxerian flags, waved protest signs and chanted to demand the removal of Ferrant, who said a few days ago that he would not seek re-election in 2016 but would stay in office through his current term — and face possible impeachment.

Protests against Ferrant began more than a month ago, after the Senior Leadership of the Conservative Party was arrested for charges deemed “of a political nature.” Allegations that Ferrant persecuted Luxerian civilians on political grounds since coming into power resurfaced. Many believe that this would damage the country’s international image, especially as the Administration continues to pursue an agenda of international peace and security,

International Chancellery Confirms Opening Investigation
By Naia Carnicero | 9:30 AM LST 3/3/2016

According to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Chancellery of Justice, an investigation respecting the Situation in the United Republics of Luxlein has been initiated. The investigation will cover crimes within the jurisdiction of the Chancellery that are alleged to have been committed in the Situation since August 9, 1999.

How the Office will set priorities concerning the investigation will be determined in due time, in light of the operational challenges, the limited resources available, and the heavy workload. Such challenges, however, as daunting and complex as they are, are not diverting them from ultimately discharging the responsibilities that the Statute places upon the Office.

Any investigation undertaken by the Office will be conducted independently, impartially and objectively, without fear or favour. The Statute obliges the Office, in order to establish the truth, to extend its investigation to cover all facts and evidence relevant to an assessment of whether there is individual criminal responsibility under the Statute and, in doing so, to investigate incriminating and exonerating circumstances equally. The decision to open an investigation followed a painstaking preliminary examination undertaken by that Office.


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