SOL: Alpenraum
Part 1: Beginnings

The alarm woke Leon from a deep sleep.  He groaned.  It was 7 AM in the morning.  He began to get out of bed, his dreams slowly fading from memory.  He looked out of his window and at the water.  His town,  Emerald Isle, was located just off Küstenburg, the capital city of Alpenraum, where his school was located.  He, unlike most located on the Emerald Coast, was a person focused on their studies, which got him into one of the most dignified High schools in Alpenraum.  Most other kids on the Emerald Coast were too busy helping their family members fish, or do other things.  The Emerald Coast is famous for its seafood, henceforth why many kids skip out or drop out to help their family make money by fishing.  

Leon got in his school uniform, and quickly got breakfast.  After that, he brushed his teeth and went to get his wallet.  He checked to make sure his ID card for school was still in there.  Leonard Wallace, Grade 12, DOB 08/09/1999, STUDENT ID:200399888, BRC LEVEL 1(signified with one blue rose).  Looks about right, He said to himself.  He pocketed the wallet and his phone and walked to the Bus Stis garden last night in front of the memorial, which was a cultural thing to do every Tuesday for all members of Alpenraum.  He walked out of the garden and headed to the bus stop.

As he sat on the bus, he looked out towards Appe Bay.  The sun was just rising, so it showed on the bay.  The bay glowed a light green.  It’s where the Emerald Coast got its name.  There was no scientific explanation or at least none Leon had heard of, but every evening and morning the Emerald Coast would glow an Emerald color.  This attracted many tourists to see this phenomenon.  The more religious few would say it was a blessing from the Prophet of Beauty.  Leon wasn’t sure what to think of religion, but he wiped those thoughts away from his mind.  He had a test today in science, his worst class, which had an A instead of an A+.  The bus entered the tunnel, and he slowly drifted off.

“I SAID OK OK OK”.  The loudness of NK The Creator in his headphones jolted Leon awake.  The bus had just arrived at his stop.  Perfect timing.  He got up, and walked off the bus.  “My infatuation is relating to another form of what you call it.”.  Leon had never really considered having a girlfriend.  Never really crossed his mind, unlike NK and his lover in the song.  He found himself really liking his new album, Grassboy, despite not really enjoying rap beforehand.  He eventually reached the school, and stepped in.  The school was quite open and large, with a commons room, or the relaxation room as called by students, and a lunch room adjacent to each other.  The 2nd and 3rd floor were where most classrooms were located, although there were some on the 1st floor.  Above the lunch area, flags hung from the wall of the KU members, including Alpenraum’s.  Not only was his academy, Harrison Schlatzer Academy, or HSA as it was called, the best in Alpenraum, but it was also a top-tier school in Kaltachia, and many students from different nationalities came to study or visit there.  His thoughts were interrupted by an all too familiar voice “Yo, Leon!”  He heard as a boy with Red hair and Green eyes walked up to him.  Klaus, his one of few friends in school, was a shorter but stockier kid.  He could be annoying sometimes, but it was bearable for Leon.  “Bell’s about to ring in 3.. 2.. 1..”.  The bell didn’t ring.  Annoyed, he tried again. “3..2..1..”. The bell didn’t ring.  “Oh damn i-”.  The bell rang.  Defeat on his face, he left and walked up the stairs.  Leon eventually followed.  Eventually, he reached his classroom and sat down.  The class eventually filed in, but the teacher was nowhere to be seen.  The final bell rang.  His fellow classmates looked around, confused.  However, the teacher entered, and..   Leon looked.  A girl, with blonde hair and green eyes.  She stood in front of the class.  Leon looked around at the other classmates, who were giving her.. Disgusted looks?  Why? Leon thought to himself, looking at her.  The teacher walked up next to her and said.  “Hello everyone, this is..”.  He paused to remember her name, Leon presumed.  “Charlotte.”.  Something clicked in his mind.  The name itself brought some sort of feeling to him, but he wasn’t sure what it was.  He couldn’t pay attention to the rest of what she had to say.  Charlotte.. Charlotte.. .  His thoughts were interrupted by the speakers crackling to life.  Please advise. Classes are canceled for the day.  King Frederik has reportedly passed away.  I repeat. All classes are canceled for the day. 

His classmates were all sad, and happy at the same time.  It was funny.  Happy that there was no school, sad that a man who had been the figurehead of their country had just died.  It didn’t matter to Leon, he was just focused on that name.  He couldn’t get it out of his head, and he didn’t know why.  “Yo.”  Klaus got in his face.  “Earth to Leon.”.  “What?” Leon asked.  “Since classes are canceled, me and Mikal are going to McDulwages. Wanna come?”.  “Sure,” Leon said, and followed them, not knowing what would come about this new Charlotte girl.
Part 2: Snow

Leon woke up to a much darker than normal room.  At first, he thought he had closed the blinds by accident.  He normally left the blinds open because he liked to look at the stars before going to bed.  As he woke up more, he realized this was not the case.  He went up to his window.  The sky was gray and dark, but what was falling from it was in direct contrast.  The white specks of snow slowly danced down from the dark clouds to the soft white ground.  The snow reminded Leon of a conversation he had once had with his Grandfather.

¨Leon, do you know why snow is white?¨ the old man asked once as they were watching the snowfall one night.

¨No, why?¨. Leon responded.

¨Snow is white because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be!¨.  The old man burst out laughing.  

Leon at the time thought it was just another one of the old man's dumb jokes.  But every time he thought of it now, he thought it could have had some symbolism hidden inside it.  For now, though, he just watched and enjoyed the snow silently hitting the ground.  After a while, he noticed a truck pulling up to the house a few houses down from them. Appe Bay Movers.  That house was only vacant for about a month.  The Emerald Coast is famous for its food and beaches, but also famous for the housing market.  Houses are pretty expensive on the coast, especially in Hammerhai City, where Leon lived, due to it being the largest city on the coast.  It is one of the hardest places to get a house in Kaltachia.  His Mom suddenly knocked on the door.

¨Yes?¨. Leon asked.

¨You should go help those new people in that house.  The snow is pretty bad.¨.  She asked.

¨Alright, give me a few.¨. Leon responded.

Leon quickly got on winter clothing and boots, grabbed something to eat, and went to go help them.  As he walked up, he could feel the snow crunching softly beneath his feet.  It was a nice feeling in a way.  He approached the family.

¨Do you guys want some help moving?  The snow is pretty bad, and it makes it harder to move stuff.¨

¨Sure, thank you.  We moved all of the furniture yesterday, but we´ve still got the boxes full of the other stuff.¨.  The woman said.

They began to unpack the stuff, and after about an hour or two, they finished. 

¨Oh, I haven't even introduced myself.  My name is Leon.  Leon Wallace.¨

¨My name is Claire. Claire Nachtberg.¨. The women responded.  ¨My husband and daughter would be helping, but they-¨

¨Wait, you´re that new girl Charlotte´s mom?¨ Leon asked.

¨Oh, you go to HSA? that´s nice.  I´ll introduce you to her sometime.¨.  The mom said.

¨Well, I best be going.¨.  Leon said.

¨Take care, and thank you for everything!¨ the mom said.

Leon walked back to his house, and right before he took his coat and boots off, Klaus texted him, asking to hang out.  ¨I'll pick you up in the Veep.¨.  Leon said yes, and sat down and waited.   After a bit, he heard the Veep pull up to his house.  He stepped outside.  The snow had calmed down now and now was a soft, slow fall.  It made the world feel like it was in slow motion,  As he walked, it almost felt like little white orbs were dancing around him, and guiding him to the car.  

¨Spacing out again? Get in the car already.¨ Klaus said.  

¨Fine.¨ Leon responded.

He pulled out of the driveway and began going down Memorial Road.  Memorial Road is the road that runs the entirety of the coast, from Cape Reiner to Nordak Point. 

¨So, where are we going?¨. Leon asked.

¨We´re going to my parent's cabin in the mountains.  Though, it probably can't be called a cabin, due to its size.¨ Klaus responded.

¨Oh right, you´re rich.  You act so much like the kids on the Coast that I forgot.¨. Leon said.

¨What do you mean by-¨? Leon interrupted Klaus.

¨Who else is gonna be there?¨. He asked.

¨Just Mikal and some of our other friends.  Not a party, just hanging out.¨. Klaus Responded.


After crossing the bridge, they were into the Capital city.  The City during snow just had a nice vibe to it.  The snow gave the buildings a unique and nice look.  People walking around, with a hot drink in their hand, enjoying the day.  Children in the parks sledding or having a snowball fight.  People were happy.  It´s why Leon always had that joke that his grandpa said in his head.  Snow brought joy to him, and many other people.  It was important to him in a way.  By the time he had stopped zoning out, they were already there.  The house was a large house made to look like a cabin.  He entered the house.

 A few hours later, Leon checked his phone. It was 6:30.  

¨Klaus, I gotta go home, can you take me?¨. He asked.

¨Yea, sure.¨.  Klaus responded.

Leon fell asleep eventually during the ride back, and when he woke up, he was already pulling in the driveway.  

¨Finally awake, huh?¨ Klaus said.

¨Yeah, what time is it?¨

¨8:30. Why?¨

¨Right. Thanks.¨ He slammed the door on Klaus and ran for the Pier near his house.  Oliver Pier, which was the longest on the Coast, was great for seeing sunsets, and since it was cold,  there is nobody there besides the occasional fisherman.  However, when he got close to the end, there was somebody there.  A girl, from the looks of it.  He walked up and decided to sit down at his normal spot.  However, she turned around and sat next to him.   

¨I didn´t think anybody would be here, because it´s snowing and stuff.¨ Leon said.

¨Well, I just got done with unpacking all of my stuff, since I just moved here.¨ The girl said.  As the sun was setting, it glared on the waves, almost making it look like they had turned pink, yellow, and purple.  Leon looked at the girl.

¨Arent you Charlotte?¨ Leon asked.

¨Yes, I am. What is your name?¨ She asked in response.

¨Leon.¨.  They sat and watched the sun slowly disappear beneath the glistening waves.  It was a little awkward, but peaceful at the same time.

¨Hey, Charlotte.¨ Leon said.

¨Yes?¨ She responded.

¨Do you know why snow is white?¨ He asked, but before he could make the joke, she said something that made his heart skip a beat.

¨No, I don't know why snow is white, but I do think snow is beautiful.¨.  She said.  They sat in silence again, but it wasn't as awkward this time.  It felt good to enjoy something this pretty with somebody else.   After a while, It had completely set, they sat in the dark, the snow silently falling onto the wooden deck of the pier.  

¨Its late. I'll walk you home if you want.  The Emerald Coast may be beautiful, but the people sometimes arent.¨.  Leon said.

¨Thatd be nice.¨. She responded.  And so they walked.  Leon felt at peace and calm walking with her.  It was stress relieving.  Everybody was in their homes.  It was just the two of them and the peaceful winter night.  

¨Charlotte, do you wanna meet here again tomorrow?¨ Leon broke the silence.

¨Are you asking me out on a date?¨ She said.

¨I-¨ Leon stuttered. ¨You could call it that, I guess.¨.

¨Sure, then.¨ She said.

¨Really?¨ Leon almost sounded like a little kid on their birthday.

¨You were nice enough to me to let me sit next to you and enjoy the sunset with you.  How could I say no?¨.  It was dark, but Leon could just make out her smiling at him.

¨Then it's a deal. 8:30 at the pier.¨ Leon said.  ¨Goodnight, Charlotte.¨

¨Goodnight, Leon.¨. She entered her house.  Leon smiled.  He began to walk back to his house.  When he got there, he decided he wanted to spend a little more time outside.  He went around back and sat on their porch.  He looked up to the sky.  The clouds had cleared up, and it had stopped snowing, so now the only thing you could see were the stars dancing in the night sky.  The moon's glow made the small waves glisten as they hit the shore.  He put on the new Hank Ocean album and started to think.

I wonder where this will go... 

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