The people of lesser vond
The people of lesser vond, are discriminate, treated as pigs, you see during the 1900s the sultan Maximus Cursino El mando ali muhad de Silva, gandered and impressive army of 1 million, to go and burn down vond to the ground he said

"Men! Today we fight back, today you win, for your sultan, for your country, those vonds have beaten us they have enslaved us, and burned down our ak're temples, now we burn down there bc'vi temples those bastards, they'll pay with their life!"

So the war began, it was brutal, it left vond in shambles, they were now just a shadow of there former self, millions of vonds were enslaved by the sultan, as he gave the order to do so, three days later he was assassinated, his son took over but he went mad with power and enslaved all that we're not noble, or a apart of the milatery, of course due to this ergkekians revolted…

Due to this racist past vonds are mad they want their empire…
And they might get it

The people and how they live
They live by the laws of bc'vi their god
Their religion States all men must fight and make someone bleed, and women are nothing but play things, they have no rights!
The streets are filed with chaos, blood it's used as paint, and dead bodies of animals can be found in every house, soliders must be called just to keep the peace…

The cult of bc'vi
The cult of bc'vi is worshiped by every vondian, the god bc'vi is the god of chaos blood and war, it is said that he him self lead the vonds to victory in every battle, that was the one that lead the vonds to the south during the thousand year war.
The laws of this religion is
Women are nothing but property
Men must fight
Children must have jobs
And all must paint their homes with blood so the Chao master knows which one not to kill when the end comes
It is also believed that men become chaos soliders after death

After affects of the first Revaluation
The war left bond in ruins, and it's people enslaved, when the first revaluation happened the popular vonds matter leader Erick sermon Pedro El Paso Texas, stated

"If vonds are not free'd we will succeed, and we will form our own country"

The prime minister Pedro de Silva responded with

"This is a democracy, if the people want you to be free you will be free!"

After that the new order was brought up, after many hours and bickering, they came to an agreement
The dertili will be in power since they did most of the work, then the Makili will get 200 seats in the government, and the vonds will get 200 too..

The second war(1955)
The second war, unfortunately I'll have to write something else for this as it is far to long, and it deserves to be in the conflict category, but long story short it was bad(1920

The after affects of the war(1960)

It left the new state in chaos as during the war many many many bombs were dropped
Leaving lesser vond in ruins, unfortunately the democratic state of ergkek is a forgiving one, they helped them regrow, build businesses, factories, farm, homes, ECT
Which brought in alot of money for ergkek
So the government grew and grew
And trading with luxien help alot
To better the economic situation of vond

The first fascist coup(1970)
The fascists were influenced by Luxlein, now this is not about the coup, this is about how it affected vond
The fascist sent vondians to concentration camps, these fascist were known as the GEE
now these concentration camps were horrific, they were forced to have sex with kekians, they were treated as play things, animals cattle…
Millions died.. and I'll like to take a second to say this may their souls rest…

The fall of The GEE and rise of TSROE or SE(1987)
The communist liberated the country from Leberu with the help From the Confederacy

They rode through vondian roads
With the people chanting long live the revaluation! And they free'd vond, after helping bond rebuild, they began their new communist democracy.

The first protests(modern day)
This is the start of the civil war 
There have been protests all over the country
And one fight…
My friends this is the beginning of an era.

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