Province of Hautsing Act 1865
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This act may be cited as the Province of Hautsing Act, 1865.

WHEREAS throughout the course of Kaltach history, it has been necessary for nation-states to expand their borders outside of those lands traditionally populated by their folk,

And WHEREAS it is the nature of the good folk of Candanadium to welcome in a brotherly manner those who are willing to adopt the Candanadian way of life as fellow citizens,

NOTING WITH GRAVITY, that, under the Kaltach and Akarean custom, the rights of the folk of a region must be held sacrosanct and must be consulted in any situation involving the change of their sovereign status as a folk,

RECALLING that, during the Akarean civil-conflict of the years prior, the island of Hautsing, under the joint sovereign administration of His Majesy the King through His Majesty's Government on Hautsing and the Government of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea, has become home and haven to many thousands of Akarean folk fleeing the chaos of the Akarean islands, including loyal subjects of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea,

And RECALLING His Majesty the King's personal favour and disposition towards His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea, as well as the ties of kinship forged by Their Majesties over the centuries of brotherly relations between the folk of Candanadium and Akarea,

Further RECALLING that ordination as a province in the Kingdom of Candanadium is the will of the folk of Hautsing, in a plebiscite demonstrated, 

REAFFIRMING that the revolutionary Government of Akarea has relinquished all sovereign rights and claims over the island of Hautsing, with the consent of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Akarea,

Now, therefore, His Majesty the King, by and with the Advice and Consent of His Majesty's Federal Crown Council in Right of Candanadium, enacts as follows:

That the island of Hautsing, now falling solely under the sovereign right of His Majesty the King, is ordained as a Province of the Kingdom, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, in perpetuity,

That the good folk of Hautsing are subjects of His Majesty the King, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof, in perpetuity,

That His Majesty the King shall endeavour to respect, shield, and maintain the ancient custom of the good folk of Hautsing, including their language, faith, and various customs,

That His Majesty's Government shall endeavour to create a Provincial Government of Hautsing,

That His Majesty's Government shall extend every privilege to the folk of Hautsing afforded to the folk of main-land Candanadium, and to bring the standards of life of the folk of Hautsing in life with the rest of the folk of Candanadium,

Long Live The King.

Done under Our Hand at New Konigstadt, in the Light of the Lord and under the Oseanian Gods, this twenty-first day of September, years since the Great Catastrophe one thousand, eight hundred, and sixty-five.

(signed) His Majesty, King Hans von Magnar, First of His Name, the Great, By the Grace of Eostre and the Gods of Oseania, King of Candanadium, King in Edofasia, and by the Grace of Eosken and the Lady of the Wastes, Oberjall of Jokullheim.

(signed) Hubertus Oberhauser, Chancellor.

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Kingdom of Candanadium
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