The Formation of TUF
The Alaykan People’s Party Headquarters, Vladimor, Alayka

The Annexation of Lakedon was, to say the least, a wrench thrown into the plans of the Pro-Terran parties of Alayka. Many people left the APP because of fears of Alayka turning into a Province of Edofasia and that fear was stoked more by the Anti-Terran parties and the party itself was divided on the issue of the annexation of Lakedon.

So it was a surprise to the party when one of the largest Right-wing parties in Alayka, The National Alaykan Front (NAF) wanted to make a coalition government with the APP.

The terms of the coalition government were a hard deal with the APP but they got figured out with the mindset of “The enemy of my enemy is my friends.”
The new Coalition Government name will be The Terran United Front (TUF) and the main parts of their agenda are:

Reinstating the Conspriction Laws of 1960 (An NAF Agenda)
Recognizing the Serverii Ethic Cleasings of the 1950s (An APP Agenda)
Move Alayka into the Terran Commonwealth (Joint APP-NAF Agenda)
Officially allow Workers Militias to form (APP Agenda)

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