Jazadi Knights
The morning was quite grim, it was dim lit and the sun was covered by clouds for the first few hours after sunrise but as noon slowly came, the clouds parted forced apart by the eastward winds revealing an azure sky and the golden sun. A sweet melody played by the birds could be heard from above, bellow was the bustling noise of the summer fair. Then in the distance, a cloud, one grey and brown, rising just beyond the horizon, it draws nearer and nearer. The police break the crowd making way for what seems like a stampede, and there is silence, silence that is broken by the beating hooves of horses as they enter Tolyatti, banners high and clad in steel, men ride upon their steeds. In awe the people watch, and the earth trembles as they pass, they make their way to the tournament grounds a fair bit away from the town and dismount, each man going to his own designated living space brandishing their weapons and tending to their mounts. An Edofasian servant rushes by, then a Candanadian squire runs the other way. Lodging and training facilities were created on the tournament grounds some 500 years ago as the tournament became a staple of Jazadoan culture, of course over the years the buildings have been expanded and upgraded, all of which were done in a way that would retain its original design. Needless to say it is now one of the most comfortable living places for foreigners in Jazado.

As the contestants all settle in and their banners are raised, one for their house and their nation, the cooks labored tirelessly to prepare food for everyone, lavish meals and only the finest cuisines from the scattered corners of Jazado made for the most prestigious and esteemed people. Royalty, commoners, knights and even Edofasian Ordniators all feasting together, to ready themselves for the games to come.

The town of Tolyatti had basically become a hub of tourism, every year at this exact time people from all across the world would flood here to watch the games. Because of this, the laws and the regulations placed on normal towns have been suspended and new guidelines have been drawn to make it more hospitable towards foreigners. Akareans, Trefjalli, Sudardesians, Edofasians, Kandanadians and more gather with Jazadi from across the country, it is in some respects the crossroad of the world, where people of all manners, ethnicitites and cultures mix. The tournament is to begin soon and all wait anxiously for it.

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