Late night talk
(OOC NOTE: all previous posts are to be rendered voided due to a change in direction for me. However, the known lore and conditions of Meltor shall remain as it is, for example lax labour laws.)

The rising moon was just cresting the mountaintops, barely visible on the western horizon, silent and peaceful like the deep desert. The city of Aquillo was all but silent at this late hour, for all knew the danger to be out at such a late time. The streets lay bare without a vehicle in site and the paths lay empty with no pedestrians to walk them. However, the city was not all silent deep within its winding streets filled with closed stores and silent doors lay a rather large warehouse, coloured black and grey and a rusting metal roof, and no windows. All her doors remained shut, except one in a small little back alley that not many dare traverse, for this was an ally for the invited a dangerous suffocating alley that would bring you naught but pain. Unless of course you were allowed to walk it.

Dark steps echoed through the silvery night the stranger stepped through water and onto stone many a time, making sure to make as little noise as possible. The owner of these footsteps where a rather tall man was a grey trenchcoat without a crease in sight, black boots with a grey slash of paint travelling upwards to the central of the shoe from the heel and short dark hair standing still in the moonlight. Underneath this layer of clothing lay charcoal coloured trousers that housed a small knife in it's right pocket and a long sleeved shirt with an antique gun hidden on the inside of the shirt, attached it only by sellotape. This inconspicuous man walked with a purpose to the forbidden alley only to stop five steps to the door, he moved his right leg two steps to the right and waited for a few seconds before continuing forward and shutting the door behind him.

Inside the warehouse lay various ancient machinery that hadn't been used in years which were alongside some unknown machines that were covered from sight by cloth. The lights on the roof were a mismatched collage of on and off, fixing them seemed to be the least of the occupiers concerns. Near the top right of the warehouses diagonal from where the man just entered lay a singular room with a single window on one side and a single door on the other. Making his way through the various machinery until he finally got to the door, he politely knocked it and waited for a response. "You can come in." Was all the occupant replied.
He opened the door and closed it quietly prepared for what was to come next.

"Do you have it?" Asked the newcomer. "If not I'll take my leave."
The room lay bare with only a single lamp plugged into the wall and a man leaning on the wall, he was covered in full black clothes akin to the entre, black trenchcoat and black boots his left boot however had a red dash of paint travelling upwards from the heel. "I do." He replied. "And what of you?" He asked. "No information, no trade."
"A Gelion never fails when he has something to lose." Said the entre. "My lineage would be disgraced if I had failed this task."
"Lineage means nothing if you have the strength to break the mould." Replied the occupant. "Now tell me what I want to know."
"Two days from now a Cilo make truck traversing ME45 it has all the parts necessary." Said the stranger, the lines were well rehearsed to avoid missteps. "However its driver is armed with an unknown model gun and there are two military inside the truck."
"Good… very good indeed." Replied the occupant. "Here, this is all we could find." Handing the man a file he waved him off.
"Thank you for this." Whispered the stranger.
After making his way through the factory again he instead exited the door to the left of him instead of going through the door he entered.

After exiting he made his way through the solemn streets, the moon which could have once been seen cresting the mountaintops has all but dispersed now with only a slim edge of it still remaining visible. He made his way through the streets until stopping at a rather standard looking apartment building he slid a card into a reader nearby and entered into a small brick hallway. He walked to the door marked with a barely visible stairwell and began walking up flights of stairs until he reached the 6th floor. The stairwell was a just a simple brick square with stairs circling round a central pillar up until the top 30th floor. He opened another door to find himself in yet another hallway, this time it had relatively soft carpet and pleasant looking wallpaper. He walked down the hall until finding his door 6C4, he unlocked the door and waited a few seconds before entering and shutting it.

His small apartment was separated into 4 different rooms. The living room, which had a maroon carpet and dark yellow wallpaper. It only had a single couch and TV with various toys strewn about. To the right lay a closed door labelled bathroom and next to it was a bedroom. And finally to his left lay his open kitchen with basic appliances dating back all the way to the turn of the millenium. He flicked a light switch bringing the entire apartment to life before making his way into his bedroom and flicking another light switch. He flung his coat onto his bed and took off his boots, he walked into his bathroom until getting to the sink and began violently scrubbing until the paint no longer occupied his boots. Afterwards he sat on his bed and opened the file he was given. It had various images of a young girl playing happily with various toys, alongside these were various notes that he began to read through. Until finally he found the note he was looking for, a note circled in red.

"After a thorough investigation it appears to us, The exalted Investigation Committee your daughter is most likely with notorious slaver Blaxion Gazlont. Whilst attempting to retrieve your daughter on your own would be practically suicide, we shall offer you a deal. Same place 2pm.
Thank you for your continued cooperation, The Committee."

Staring at the note with tears beginning to fall from his face "I'll find you, I swear it..." He croaked before falling into a restless sleep.

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