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User @AiusLo posted at 1:05 PM MLT

I can't believe those marusvaion in the @RNKConstabulary would allow our dear Empress to go accounted like this and not be held accountable!
Maybe they should at their Herita before commenting on ours!

The Neya Mara Harimara Semara is looking for more managers to join its growing town management department! If you pass the vigirous test program you'll not just be in one of the most highly paid jobs in Meltor!
User @JAMASAPOSLOVER198287273 posted at 4:39 AM JMST
I am from Jama. I did dna test and learned i'm 80 percent enapian. My whole world has changed. I tried to commit suicide but couldn't do it. Now i have to live like this.BUt after that i decide it is a kaltach game. I suggest people don't do dna test it's lie becuse im 100 percent jamasapos thnx.
User @NKonigstadt24 ☑ posted at 3:44 PM CCT
Licence plate number 0690420 sold at auction in southern Akarea for $800 000 -- more via NK24.ka
User @funderwar posted at 5:51 PM APST

do you guys eat the pineapple with or without the skin
i personally find the skin to be delicious
User @alpenraumcarsimp posted at 2:32 PM APST

 #Faretti Apparently, it's been rumored that Faretti is planning to drop a hybrid starter Faretti in the near future.  Thoughts?

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