Languages, Religions, and Currencies
This guide will be updated whenever necessary. Contact any Executive Councillor to request a change to this guide.


Caskaans - Afrikaans. Spoken almost exclusively in the Caskhomir Autonomous Region of Candanadium, where it is an official language.

Kanadiaans - German with a few slight variations, close to Swiss German. Spoken throughout Candanadium except Caskhomir and parts of Oseania, by the ruling classes of Lienengen, as well as in Litzisch regions and in communities in eastern Edofasia and Alayka. Has many regional varieties throughout Candanadium. Is an official language in Candanadium and Welka, and a minority language in Edofasia and Alayka. Notable dialects include Belkhomirian (Bavarian), Welkisch (Austrian), Alaykan (with Russian influences), Lienengese, and Litzische, with the standard dialect being the Fischerstaat dialect. Viewed as the worldwide lingua franca.

Oseanian - English. Spoken in larger cities in Candanadium as well as throughout the Oseania region, eastern Edofasia, and in parts of Alayka. Is an official language in Candanadium (including its two autonomous regions) and is a minority language in Alayka and Edofasia. A common second language for Akareans. Notable dialects include the Konigstadt dialect (similar to Canadian English), which is the standard dialect, and the General Oseanian dialect (similar to American English). There is evidence to suggest that Oseanian was an evolution of Trefjalli.

Trefjalli - Icelandic. Spoken in Trefjall, Drulluhus, Jökullheim, and the Westland and Northern Cape provinces of Candanadium. Official language in Trefjall and a minority language in Candanadium. Notable dialects include the Westland and Cape Trefjalli dialects.


Lienengese - French. Spoken exclusively in the County of Lienengen, where it is an official language though not a prestige language.

Luxerian - Spanish. Spoken in Luxlein, where it is an official language.


Akarean Mandarin - Mandarin Chinese. Spoken throughout Akarea but with many regional varieties. Official language in Akarea, has the most native speakers of any language in the world.

Jazadoan/Khitai - Essentially the same as Akarean but written using the Cyrillic alphabet. Spoken throughout Jazado, where it is an official language. (full rules of transcription can be provided upon request)


Edofasian - Irish Gaelic. Spoken throughout Edofasia and by a few ex-settlers in Candanadium, as well as on the border regions with Sudardes. Official language in Edofasia and a minority language in Alayka and Sudardes. Viewed by some Edofasian-Candanadians as a heritage language. Mutually intelligible to a high degree with Sudardesian.

Sudardesian - Scots Gaelic. Spoken throughout Sudardes and on the border regions of Edofasia. Official language in Sudardes and a minority language in Edofasia. Mutually intelligible to a high degree with Edofasian.

Novmiran - Russian. Spoken in Novmir and in pockets of Alayka. Official language in Novmir.

Alaykan - Belarusian. Spoken in Alayka, where it is an official language.

Donvian - Polish. Spoken in Donvia.


Meltorian - Has no real life equivalent. Spoken in Meltor, where it is an official language.

Tokugo - Japanese but written using the Korean alphabet. Spoken in Hykko, where it is an official language.

Gaanglanglataaran - Mongolian written using the traditional Mongolian script. Spoken in Gaanglanglataar, Akarea.

Bantangese - Korean. Spoken in Bantang, Akarea


EOSTRISM - The traditional faith of the Kanadiaans of Candanadium, this is the worship of the fire god, Eostre, who is believed to have guided the Kanadiaans from the Isle of Kaltach to the shores of Candanadium. Eostre is the primary deity, with many mythological figures revered as saints, such as King Wilhelmus of Magnare, the legendary first King of the Kanadiaans. Eostrism is practiced throughout Kanadiaans communities. Three is a holy number in Eostrism, as three ships carried the Kanadiaans to Candanadium, which is also why three maple leaves are featured on the Candanadian flag. The head of the Eostrist Church of the Lord of Flame is the First Flame, residing in the Palace of Eostre in Old Konigstadt. Houses of worship are Eostrist Churches, also called Fire Temples, and the clergy is made up of priests and priestesses. The monastic order is the Brothers and Sisters of Eostre. The holy text of Eostrism is the Red Book, also known as the Book of Flame. The most important religious holiday is the Fall Festival, celebrated on the first Wednesday of November every year. Eostrism is the predominant religion in Candanadium and Belkhomir, and also the religion of the Candanadian royal family.

A variation of Eostrism is the Jokullheime belief in Eosken, which is the same deity as Eosken, though the main Jokullheime holy text is Of Forge and Flame, which is only viewed as a supporting text in Candanadium. Jokullheime Eostrism has retained several of the features of older Kanadiaans Eostrism.

THE OSEANIAN FAITH - The traditional faith of the Oseanians of Candanadium, this is the worship of the nameless gods of stone and water and leaf. The maple leaf is a holy symbol in the Oseanian Faith, and prayers to the gods are made beside mountains, bodies of water, and beneath maple trees, which are some of the most sacred objects. Oaths and marriages are also administered under maple trees for the gods to bear witness. There is no centralized church nor clergy in the Oseanian Faith. The Oseanian Faith began as an offshoot of the Trefjalli faith, one that believed that not all trees were sacred, only maple trees, resulting in their banishment to the eastern shore of the River Tref.

THE FAITH OF OUR LADY OF CASKHOMIR - The traditional faith of the Caskaans of Caskhomir, this is the worship of the mystical deity, Our Lady of Caskhomir, believed to be the guardian of the Caskaans, having carried the Caskaans over the sea to Caskhomir, much like Eostre is to the Kanadiaans. The Faith of Our Lady is practiced throughout Caskhomir and other Caskhomirian communities. The head of the Faith of Our Lady is the Stewardess of Our Lady, and the clergy and monastic order is the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady, only open to women. The true name of Our Lady of Caskhomir is only revealed to the Stewardess on the night of her confirmation, and is an extremely well guarded secret. Houses of worship are the Temples of Our Lady, featuring an altar upon which food and drink are placed, offerings to Our Lady in gratitude of her stewardship and maintenance of Caskhomir. Families will visit Temples every Friday evening to give their offerings, which are cleared by the Sisters the following morning and fed to birds, which are believed to be the messengers of Our Lady. It is believed that historically, Our Lady of Caskhomir and Eostre were both gods in the same Kaltach belief system. The Faith of Our Lady is the predominant religion in Caskhomir.

EINATRÚARTRÉР- Also known as Trefjalli Paganism or the Trefjalli faith, this is the traditional faith of the Trefjalli of Trefjall, it is also observed by a minority of the Westland Trefjalli and the Cape Trefjalli of Candanadium, who have mostly converted to Eostrism. According to the Trefjalli, the world was created when the worlds of ice and fire came together to form man, made of solid rock, and Trefjall's creation was the result of a mystical tree on top of a mountain. The Trefjalli raids on the Terran east coast and the lands of what would become modern-day Candanadium were a result of Einatrúartréð fanaticism, and an attempt to purge the "deviants" that would go on to become the Oseanian people.

THE FAITH OF A’RU - Also known as the Edofasian Faith, this is the traditional faith of the Edofasians. This faith was heavily suppressed in the early days of the Dominion of Edofasia. The main deity is A’ru, and the main anti-deity is Lugh, which is revered in Cenaesia. The Faith of A’ru teaches that men have no masters nor gods, only teachers, and that man is created equal to one another and must work and live as a commune, never raising a class above his fellow man. The house of worship in the Faith of A’ru is the Temple, and other divine beings, such as the Horator and the Tribunal, are also revered as part of the faith. The head of the faith is the High Priest. The primary holy text is the Black Book, with the 36 Lessons of Lugh also being a text of divine importance.

PRAVOSLAVIA - The main faith of the Jazadoans of Jazado. The name translates directly to "Followers of Righteous Glory", and the faith has a large influence on everyday life.

MUHAGUSHIN - Essentially the Hykkogyo equivalent of Shintoism. Practiced throughout Hykko.


THE AKAREAN YUAN (AKY) - The yuan (元) has no subunits. Used throughout Akarea.

THE ALAYKAN RUBLE (AYR) - One ruble (₽, p.) is broken down into 100 kopeks (коп., к.). Used throughout Alayka.

THE BELKHOMIRIAN DUCAT (BKD) - One ducat (ß) is broken down into 100 pfennig (pf). Used throughout Belkhomir.

THE CANDANADIAN THALER (KAT) - One thaler ($) is broken down into four kreuzen (Kz) which is further broken down into 240 pfennig (pf/p). This is one of the most valuable and stable currencies in the world. Written as $thalers/kreuzen/pfennig (e.g. $5/3/59). Used throughout Candanadium with the exception of Caskhomir and Belkhomir.

THE CANDANADIAN GOLD MARK (KGM) - The Gold Mark (GM) is issued by the Royal Bank of Candanadium as a gold certificate and is not legal tender in Candanadium or anywhere. it is generally bought by investors or by those travelling to stateless territory or other locations where gold is accepted more readily than cash. Every thirty gold marks are backed by one gram of gold in the Royal Bank of Candanadium or the Jokullheim Bank of Jokullheim due to a bullion-sharing arrangement between the two nations. Thus, the Gold Mark is equal in value to the Jokullheime Raven, which remains on the gold standard. Unlike the thaler, the gold mark is decimalized, with 100 pfennig in a gold mark. 

THE CASKHOMIRIAN RAND (CSR) - One rand ® is broken down into 100 cents ©. Used throughout Caskhomir.

THE CENAESIAN DENARIUS (CED) - The plural of denarius (D) is denarii (changes based on case), decimalized but the subunit does not have a name of its own (expressed simply as D0.90, etc). Used throughout Cenaesia

THE EDOFASIAN POUND (EDP) - One pound (£) is broken down into 100 pence (p). Used throughout Edofasia. The pound is of equal value to the Sudardesian Nugget (SUN) and is accepted as legal tender in Sudardes as well.

THE HYKKOGYO YUWON (HYY) - The yuwon (¥) has no subunits. Used throughout Hykko.

THE JAZADOAN TAEL (JZT) - One tael (TL) is broken down into 10 coins. Used throughout Jazado. 

THE JOKULLHEIME RAVEN (JHR) - One raven (§) is broken down into 10 crows. Used throughout Jokullheim. Thirty ravens are equivalent to one gram of gold. The Jokullheime raven is the only major standard currency to remain on the gold standard, and every thirty ravens are backed by one gram of gold in the Royal Candanadian Bank or the Jokullheim Bank of Jokullheim.

THE LUXERIAN AMERO (LXA) - One amero (₴) is broken down into 100 luxes (lx). Used throughout Luxlein.

THE MELTORIAN STATZOON (UKS) - One statzoon (st) is broken down into 60 statrons (sr), or 120 statglos (sg). Used throughout Meltor. Amounts are written statzoon-statrons-statglos with the statzoon symbol at the end. (e.g. 5-33-45st)

THE NOVMIRAN RUBLE (NVR) - One ruble (₽, p.) is broken down into 100 kopeks (коп., к.). Used throughout Novmir.

THE SUDARDESIAN NUGGET (SUN) - One nugget ($) is broken down into 10 crumbs © and further broken down into 10 morsels (m). There are 100 morsels in a nugget. Used throughout Sudardes. The nugget is of equal value to the Edofasian Pound (EDP) and is accepted as legal tender in Edofasia as well.

THE TREFJALLI KRONA (TEK) - The krona (kr) has no subunits. Used throughout Trefjall.

THE WELKISCH MARK (WKM) - The mark (WM) is broken down into 100 pfennig. Used throughout Welka.

Exchange Rates

For the Akarean Yuan (AKY): (Akarean Mandarin: 福国元, Fu’gwo yuen)

AKY 1元 = AYR ₽0.005303

AKY 1元 = BKD 0.01262ß

AKY 1元 = KAT $0/0/1.3208333333

AKY 1元 = CSR R0.1262

AKY 1元 = CED D0.003438

AKY 1元 = EDP/SUN £/$0.0045426

AKY 1元 = HYY ¥11.95

AKY 1元 = JZT TL0.0265

AKY 1元 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.001813

AKY 1元 = LXA ₴0.0399

AKY 1元 = UKS 0-0-21.8928125st

AKY 1元 = NVR ₽0.05303

AKY 1元 = TEK 0.37224kr

AKY 1元 = WKM WM0,0151

For the Alaykan Ruble (AYR): (Alaykan-Novmiran: Алайкский рубль, Alaykskiy rubl')

AYR ₽1.00 = AKY 188.58元

AYR ₽1.00 = BKD 2.38ß

AYR ₽1.00 = KAT $0/2/22.77

AYR ₽1.00 = CSR R23.80

AYR ₽1.00 = CED D0.65

AYR ₽1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$0.857

AYR ₽1.00 = HYY ¥2253.42

AYR ₽1.00 = JZT TL4.997

AYR ₽1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.341954

AYR ₽1.00 = LXA ₴4.31284

AYR ₽1.00 = UKS 19-59-1.56275st

AYR ₽1.00 = NVR ₽10

AYR ₽1.00 = TEK 70.196kr

AYR ₽1.00 = WKM WM2,86

For the Belkhomirian Ducat (BKD): (Kanadiaans: Belkhomirischer Ducat)

BKD 1.00ß = AKY 79.25元

BKD 1.00ß = AYR ₽0.4202

BKD 1.00ß = KAT $0/1/0

BKD 1.00ß = CSR R10.00

BKD 1.00ß = CED 0.27

BKD 1.00ß = EDP/SUN £/$0.36

BKD 1.00ß = HYY ¥947

BKD 1.00ß = JZT TL2.1

BKD 1.00ß = JHR/KGM §/GM0.143678

BKD 1.00ß = LXA ₴0.275962

BKD 1.00ß = NVR ₽4.202

BKD 1.00ß = UKS 7-0-50.45st

BKD 1.00ß = TEK 29.5kr

BKD 1.00ß = WKM WM1,20

For the Candanadian Thaler (KAT): (Kanadiaans: Kandanadischer Thaler)

KAT $1/0/0 = AKY 317.00元
KAT $0/1/0 = AKY 79.25元
KAT $0/0/1 = AKY 1.32083333333元

KAT $1/0/0 = AYR ₽1.681
KAT $0/1/0 = AYR ₽0.4203
KAT $0/0/1 = AYR ₽0.007

KAT $1/0/0 = BKD 4.00ß
KAT $0/1/0 = BKD 1.00ß
KAT $0/0/1 = BKD 0.017ß

KAT $1/0/0 = CSR R40.00
KAT $0/1/0 = CSR R10.00
KAT $0/0/1 = CSR R0.16

KAT $1/0/0 = CED D1.09
KAT $0/1/0 = CED D0.2725
KAT $0/0/1 = CED D0.00454166666667

KAT $1/0/0 = EDP/SUN £/$1.44
KAT $0/1/0 = EDP/SUN £/$0.36
KAT $0/0/1 = EDP/SUN £/$0.006

KAT $1/0/0 = HYY ¥3788
KAT $0/1/0 = HYY ¥947
KAT $0/0/1 = HYY ¥15.8

KAT $1/0/0 = JZT TL8.4
KAT $0/1/0 = JZT TL2.1
KAT $0/0/1 = JZT TL0.035

KAT $1/0/0 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.574713
KAT $0/1/0 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.143678
KAT $0/0/1 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.002395

KAT $1/0/0 = LXA ₴7.25
KAT $0/1/0 = LXA ₴3.625
KAT $0/0/1 = LXA ₴0.030208

KAT $1/0/0 = UKS 33-9-0st
KAT $0/1/0 = UKS 7-0-50.45st
KAT $0/0/1 = UKS 0-0-16.575st

KAT $1/0/0 = NVR ₽16.81
KAT $0/1/0 = NVR ₽4.203
KAT $0/0/1 = NVR ₽0.07

KAT $1/0/0 = TEK 118kr
KAT $0/1/0 = TEK 29.5kr
KAT $0/0/1 = TEK 0.49167kr

KAT $1/0/0 = WKM WM4,80
KAT $0/1/0 = WKM WM1,20
KAT $0/0/1 = WKM WM0,02

For the Caskhomirian Rand (CSR): (Caskaans: Caskhomirse rand)

CSR R1.00 = AKY 7.925元

CSR R1.00 = AYR ₽0.042

CSR R1.00 = BKD 0.10ß

CSR R1.00 = KAT $0/0/6

CSR R1.00 = CED D0.03

CSR R1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$0.036

CSR R1.00 = HYY ¥94.7

CSR R1.00 = JZT TL0.21

CSR R1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.0143678

CSR R1.00 = LXA ₴0.027586

CSR R1.00 = UKS 4-8-1.25st

CSR R1.00 = NVR ₽0.42

CSR R1.00 = TEK 2.95kr

CSR R1.00 = WKM WM0,12

For the Cenaesiuan Denarius (CED): (Cenaesian: Denarius Cenaesium)

CED D1.00 = AKY 290.8256880733945元

CED D1.00 = AYR ₽1.54

CED D1.00 = BKD 3.67ß

CED D1.00 = KAT $0/3/40.18348623853629

CED D1.00 = CSR R36.70

CED D1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$1.32

CED D1.00 = HYY ¥3462

CED D1.00 = JZT TL7.7

CED D1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.53

CED D1.00 = LXA ₴

CED D1.00 = UKS 53-3-0.99st

CED D1.00 = NVR ₽15.42

CED D1.00 = TEK 108kr

CED D1.00 = WKM WM4,40

For the Edofasian Pound (EDP) and the Sudardesian Nugget (SUN): (Edofasian: Punt Éidobhasiannach agus Nugget Sudardesiannach, Sudardesian: Punnd Èidobhasiannach agus Cnap Sudardesiannach)

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = AKY 220.138889元

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = AYR ₽1.167

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = BKD 2.7777778ß

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = KAT $0/2/46.66667

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = CSR R27.777778

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = CED D0.76

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = HYY ¥2630.56

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = JZT TL5.83333

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.399106

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = LXA ₴5.03472

EDP £1.00/SEDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = UKS 23-1-0.500006st

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = NVR ₽11.67

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = TEK 81.944kr

EDP £1.00/SUN $1.00 = WKM WM3,33

For the Hykkogyo Yuwon (HYY): (Tokugo: ひょぅっこぎょ ゆをん)

HYY ¥1 = AKY 0.084元

HYY ¥1 = AYR ₽0.0004438

HYY ¥1 = BKD 0.00106ß

HYY ¥1 = KAT $0/0/0.064

HYY ¥1 = CSR R0.0106

HYY ¥1 = CED D0.000289

HYY ¥1 = EDP/SUN £/$0.00038

HYY ¥1 = JZT TL0.002218

HYY ¥1 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.000152

HYY ¥1 = LXA ₴0.001933

HYY ¥1 = UKS 0-0-1.0608st

HYY ¥1 = NVR ₽0.004438

HYY ¥1 = TEK 0.0312kr

HYY ¥1 = WKM WM0,0013

For the Jazadoan Tael (JZT): (Khitai: яаэадии таель)

JZT TL1.0 = AKY 37.74元

JZT TL1.0 = AYR ₽0.2001

JZT TL1.0 = BKD 0.48ß

JZT TL1.0 = KAT $0/0/28.57

JZT TL1.0 = CSR R4.76

JAZ TL1.0 = CED D0.13

JZT TL1.0 = EDP/SUN £/$0.17

JZT TL1.0 = HYY ¥450.95

JZT TL1.0 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.068391

JZT TL1.0 = LXA ₴0.863052

JZT TL1.0 = UKS 3-56-1.54775st

JZT TL1.0 = NVR ₽2.001

JZT TL1.0 = TEK 14.05

JZT TL1.0 = WKM WM0.57

For the Jokullheime Raven (JHR) and the Candanadian Gold Mark (KGM): (Trefjalli: Jökullheimshrafn og Kandálands Gullmerki, Kanadiaans: Jökullheime Rabe und Kandanadische Goldmark)

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = AKY 551.572元

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = AYR ₽2.92437

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = BKD 6.96001ß

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = KAT $1/2/57.6

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = CSR R69.5001

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = CED D1.90

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$2.5056

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = HYY ¥6578.95

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = JZT TL14.6218

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = LXA ₴12.6193

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = UKS 57-40-1.22st

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = NVR ₽29.2603

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = TEK 205.339kr

JHR §1.0/KGM GM1.00 = WKM WM8,41524 

For the Luxerian Amero (LXA): (Luxerian: amero luxeriano)

LXA ₴1.00 = AKY 26.0627元

LXA ₴1.00 = AYR ₽0.231866

LXA ₴1.00 = BKD 3.625ß

LXA ₴1.00 = KAT $0/0/33.1034

LXA ₴1.00 = CSR R36.25

LXA ₴1.00 = CED D0.09

LXA ₴1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$ 0.198621

LXA ₴1.00 = HYY ¥517.331

LXA ₴1.00 = JZT TL1.15868

LXA ₴1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.079244

LXA ₴1.00 = UKS 4-34-0.688855st

LXA ₴1.00 = NVR ₽2.31866

LXA ₴1.00 = TEK 16.2272kr

LXA ₴1.00 = WKM WM 0,662068

For the Meltorian Statzoon (UKS): (Meltorian: Metlyian statzoon)

UKS 1-0-0st = AKY 5.481250981元

UKS 1-0-0st = AYR ₽0.03

UKS 1-0-0st = BKD 0.07

UKS 1-0-0st = KAT $0/0/4.149843014006309

UKS 1-0-0st = CSR R0.69

UKS 1-0-0st = CED D0.02

UKS 1-0-0st = EDP £/SUN $0.02

UKS 1-0-0st = HYY ¥65

UKS 1-0-0st = JZT 0.1TL

UKS 1-0-0st = JHR/KGM §/GM0.01

UKS 1-0-0st = LXA ₴0.2187031847

UKS 1-0-0st = NVR ₽0.29

UKS 1-0-0st = TEK 2kr

UKS 1-0-0st = WKM WM0,08

For the Novmiran Ruble (NVR): (Alaykan-Novmiran: Новмирский рубль, Novmirskiy rubl')

NVR ₽1.00 = AKY 18.858元

NVR ₽1.00 = AYR ₽0.10

NVR ₽1.00 = BKD 0.238ß

NVR ₽1.00 = KAT $0/0/14.277

NVR ₽1.00 = CSR R2.380

NVR ₽1.00 = CED D0.06

NVR ₽1.00 = EDP/SUN £/$0.0857

NVR ₽1.00 = HYY ¥225.342

NVR ₽1.00 = JZT TL0.4997

NVR ₽1.00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.034176

NVR ₽1.00 = LXA ₴0.431284

NVR ₽1.00 = UKS 1-58-0.641275st

NVR ₽1.00 = TEK 7.00196kr

NVR ₽1.00 = WKM WM0,286

For the Trefjalli Krona (TEK): (Trefjalli: Trefjallsk króna)

TEK 1kr = AKY 2.687元

TEK 1kr = AYR ₽0.01425

TEK 1kr = BKD 0.034ß

TEK 1kr = KAT $0/0/2.04

TEK 1kr = CSR R0.34

TEK 1kr = CED D0.01

TEK 1kr = EDP/SUN £/$0.012

TEK 1kr = HYY ¥32.1

TEK 1kr = JZT TL0.0712

TEK 1kr = JHR/KGM §/GM0.00487

TEK 1kr = LXA ₴0.061625

TEK 1kr = UKS 0-0-33.813st

TEK 1kr = NVR ₽0.1425

TEK 1kr = WKM WM0,041

For the Welkisch Mark (WKM): (Kanadiaans: Welkische Mark)

WKM WM1,00 = AKY 66.04元

WKM WM1,00 = AYR ₽0.35

WKM WM1,00 = BKD 0.83ß

WKM WM1,00 = KAT $0/0/50

WKM WM1,00 = CSR R8.33

WKM WM1,00 = CED D0.23

WKM WM1,00 = EDP/SUN £/$0.30

WKM WM1,00 = HYY ¥789.167

WKM WM1,00 = JZT TL1.75

WKM WM1,00 = JHR/KGM §/GM0.118832

WKM WM1,00 = LXA ₴1.51042

WKM WM1,00 = UKS 6-54-0.75st

WKM WM1,00 = NVR ₽3.50

WKM WM1,00 = TEK 24.4kr

[Image: pTaBLJC.png?1]
Kingdom of Candanadium
Königreich Kandanadium

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