Popular Disposition Towards Monarchies
A study was conducted in late 2015 to find out the opinions most people and members of the government thought of the different monarchies across the world. 43 cities in Jazado with roughly 200,000 people in each being surveyed and questioned led to the results of this report and it conclusion.
False Kings of the Three Dead Realms
In Jazado the monarch is revered and wields great power and influence. The Jazadii throne having been established back around 321 BCE had its many different iterations throughout the four Jazados in history. This long tradition of the King of Kings and the hereditary title passing from generation to generation had thoroughly engrained the idea of divine rule into the populace. However, with the advent of nationalism, liberalism and the events of the Red Night the idea of divine rule had faced many challenges. Now most people view the monarchy as the transition stage between our current socialist society into a communist one in the future, the monarchy facilitated a transition into capitalism without losing power and it was with the help of the monarchy that socialism was able to take root and its ideals were able to spread, though the Ulema did have a significant role in that as well.
In the current day the King of Kings is still very much venerated but most Jazadii and the royal family find great distaste towards those known as the False Kings of the Three Dead Realms. Throughout the Jazadii languages and especially in Khitai, the word realm was used to signify a kingdom or a duchy, a state run by a monarch. A dead realm is not like the science fiction or fantasy worlds that people think of but instead a realm that was formerly a monarchy but is no longer. False Kings are monarchs and in this case kings that wield no actual power, monarchs whose duties have been relegated to more ceremonial roles, in a sense a false king is more like a celebrity with god status than an actual king. Of these kings there are four namely the Kings of Trefjall, Alpenraum and Akarea (though everyone is aware that the Akreans call their false monarch an emperor). The royal families of those countries are not considered to be nobility and are given no privileges or preferential treatment within Jazado, in our eyes they are not real monarchs and thus do not deserve any of the privileges that come with the titles of monarchs.
The Last Kings of the Three Kingdoms
The monarchs that hold actual power are few and far from one another, though they do exist. Of the ones that are considered true monarchs three exist: The King of Kings of Jazado, the King of Alakya and the Kingdom of Candanadium. In all three countries the monarch exercises great amounts of power and are able to exert their influence over their people, in all three countries the authority of the monarchs is at the very least respected and none are relegated to ceremonial roles.
The reason why the Oberjals of Jökullheim are not considered as real monarchs is because the people of Jökullheim are known as Beiman which basically trasntlates into Northern Savage/Barbarian. The backwards practices and the undeveloped state of the country also contributes to the reason why they are not considered as monarchs. The use of the word savage or barbarian is one that is used in reserve within Jazado, the idea of savageries and barbarism was only used in the first Jazado to justify wars with bordering tribes but after the Sunset Invasion such ideas were shattered and a new approach to foreign cultures was made. The reason as to why Jökullheim is considered savage is due to the lack of cultural, religious and political growth of their nation. Its a country that has been using the same system of governance, following the same traditions and practices as they had thousands of years ago. Even though Jazado is still like a monarchy when it was first founded, the nature of the Jazadoan monarchy changed over the years with each one taking on new aspects and shedding off old ones, the same can be said for the various religious movements and cultural changes in the country. Jökullheim is the only country that most Jazadii would consider savage or barbaric, but many believe that it was due to their isolation from the rest of the world that stopped the flow of information and prevented their growth.

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