Die stillen Berge
Somewhere in the Alpine Mountains

Cold. Bitter Cold.

It was all Leopold could think about as he walked through the piling snow.  For years he had been searching. Searching for the answer.  Leopold was a retired professor at Seewald University.  He had retired because he had lost his mind in searching for The Key.  The Key to The Center of the Universe.  It was an artifact given to the Koppenhausens by the Prophet that was lost in a tragic war between Alpenraum and the Richterian Octavia.  During the occupation, the Museum that housed the key was looted and stolen.  However, it was rumored that somewhere in the eastern mountain range, The Key lay buried, waiting for a true follower of Prophetism to find it.  Leopold was obsessed with it.  He thought in his mind, it would solve all his problems.  He'd be famous, powerful, and most of all-.

A loud rumble was heard.  Leopold looked to the mountain Gottes Kleinigkeit.  There he saw a massive avalanche, bounding towards him faster than he could even comprehend.  He ran to find any sort of cover from the fall. A cave, a house, anything.  It was getting closer, closer-

Maria, Forgive Me.

Und dann verstummen die Berge.

A Soldier smoked a cigar and hummed Ode An Alpenia, a classic tune of the Military.  He looked outside the foggy window, seeing the snow quietly fall onto the cold ground.  He had just watched an avalanche fall from a mountain, something he had never seen before.  However, he was more worried about the fact that they'd be the ones finding bodies under it come spring.  I hate this job, He thought to himself.

He watched the snowfall some more and decided to turn on the news.  Turned out to be some professor that was obsessed with the Key going missing.  They'd probably find him in the spring as well.   He turned off the news and laid down in his bed, eventually falling asleep.

Und dann verstummen die Berge.

(OOC: Sorry this is short, just wanted to make a swag post during my study hall eggsdee)

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