The Thirteenth Democratikan Executive Council is:

What is the Council?

The Council is the name given to the group of officials responsible for running the region and its services, maintaining regional facilities and upholding both the law and Greater Democratikan Values - the most fundamental values within the Democratika.


The Council collectively forms the government of the Democratika and fulfills both the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state whilst maintaining checks and balances between individual Council Members in order to keep the Council accountable to the Citizenry.

Before the Council was officially recognized there was the Founder UDSR, Co-founder Letskia and general busybody (then referred to as Minister of Foreign Affairs) Akarea. The first reference to a Democratikan "Council" came about during diplomatic talks between the Democratika and the Ascendancy Federation, an interregional alliance the Democratika was involved with early in its history. Since then, the Council has experienced countless rulings, changes, revisions and divisions. The Council is a highly flexible institution; individual Council Members seldom have clearly-defined jurisdiction of authority and adapt often to the changing demands of the region.

The existence of a ruling body is necessary to uphold Democratikan values. Enforcing a standard set of rules allows the Democratika to remain civil and conversations to remain respectful and on-topic. It also protects the Citizenry from unruly acts and prevents our promises to the Citizenry from becoming clouded or outright ignored.

The Council's close-knit integration with the Citizenry allows it to directly see issues and dynamics from the bottom upwards, unlike many other power structures. We are always held against the Citizens of the Democratika and their needs and desires.

The Council (or, rather, those who stand in it) is a democratically-elected body. Elections for the Council are held on a regular albeit slightly flexible basis - due to the bureaucratic nature of the Council, elections are mostly needs-based and are held when the Council requires an individual with certain practical skills.

What of the first through twelfth Councils?

Council generations change whenever a dramatic shift in the power paradigm occurs, such as naming conventions, positional structures, delegation etc. There have been thirteen Democratikan Councils throughout the history of the Democratika, including a few other organisations of power particularly during the Amurrian Occupation.

1st Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • Governor, World Assembly Delegate: Letskia

  • Ministers (no designation): Akarea, Nova ilirija*, Skrrtskia*, Swiesza polska

The 1st Executive Council was responsible for overseeing the Democratika's integration with the Ascendancy Federation. Later, an officer of this Council would become Chancellor of the Federation. This Council also established the C2 directive, a precursor to the modern-day People's Front, as well as dismantling the Federation's regional espionage network.

* Following the establishment of the First Executive Democratikan Council, these ministers - displeased with the direction of either the Democratika or the Council - resigned almost immediately and for their own reasons left the region.

2nd Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • World Assembly Delegate, Minister of Roleplay: Akarea

  • Governor: Letskia

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kecril

  • Government Aide: Chavakia*

The 2nd Executive Council was responsible for withdrawing the Democratika from the Ascendancy Federation and returning regional and bureaucratic focus to purely internal affairs. This council established the Demochronikle newspaper, the RP forum (which remained on the front page of the entire NationStates forum for well over a week). During this Council, UDSR would write his famous "NS Political Theory", the Democratika reached a triple-digit population, and the TDK placed 5th in N-Day 2018.

* The "Government Aide" position is identical in designation and responsibilities to the non-designated Minister position held during the 1st Executive Council.

3rd Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics*

  • World Assembly Delegate, Cartographer: Akarea**

  • Governor: Letskia

  • Vice Governor: Chavakia

  • Minister of Roleplay: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy**

  • Government Aide: Sudardes, St. Ryvern

The start of the 3rd Council was marked by the abolition of the Minister of Foreign Affairs position, which had been determined to be overall useless.

* For the 3rd Executive Council, the Founder Nation was controlled by the Council collectively. Dmitri Gourianov, the owner of the nation, took a break from his duties during this time.

** To reduce the workload burden, responsibility for running the roleplay was distributed.

4th Interim Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Saint Ryvern*

  • World Assembly Delegate: Chavakia (de jure)

  • Governor: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy (de facto)

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: New Karelograd**

  • Government Aides: Sudardes, St. Ryvern

When all three members of the pre-council ruling body, who were (and still are) considered to be the founding fathers of the Democratika, left the nation citing a lack of interest the 3rd Council collapsed into the 4th without much ceremony. Letskia appointed Confedracy as the governor despite Chavakia holding the position of Vice Governor for the 3rd Council.

* With Dmitri Gourianov having left NationStates, the Founder Nation was wholly handed over to St. Ryvern.

** New Karelograd would later be removed from the 4th Executive Council in line with Candanadium's demands - see the 5th Council for details.

5th Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy & St. Ryvern*

  • World Assembly Delegate: Chavakia, then later Sudardes

  • Governor: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy

  • Vice Governor: Amurria**

  • Minister of Roleplay: Candanadium

  • Government Aides: St. Ryvern, Chavakia, Vegenda****

The 5th Council was formed by the snap elections immediately following riots & demands led by Candanadium demanding New Karelograd be withdrawn from his position after several ignored incidents involving abuse of power.

* The 5th Executive Council believed the Governor should be able to assume control of the Founder nation so as to more efficiently fulfil his or her duties.

** Death to Amurria.

*** Both St. Ryvern and Chavakia later resigned - Chavakia went on to leave the region.

6th Interim Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: nobody*

  • World Assembly Delegate: Tardigrade II

  • Governor: Amurria (de-facto)**

  • Minister of Roleplay: Candanadium

  • Government Aides: St. Ryvern, Vegenda

The 6th Council was formed with the resignation of governor Byzantine Commune/Confedracy, leaving Amurria in control of the region as the only Officer with any ministerial or executive power. Many modern Democratikans consider this the beginning of the "dark ages" in Democratikan history, as Amurria leveraged his position to install a fascist authoritarian government. At this point, the Democratikan population begins to rapidly decline.

* During the 6th Council, Byzantine Commune/Confedracy did still hold control of the Founder nation. It was later surrendered over to the Amurrian regime.

** Death to Amurria.

7th Interim Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Candanadium, St. Ryvern

  • World Assembly Delegate: Tardigrade II

  • Chancellor: Candanadium

  • Vice Chancellor: Splootan

  • Minister of Roleplay: Zepheros

  • Government Aides: Far Wilds Akori*, Osarkian Federation

Following the dark turn started by Amurria, he was quickly impeached. Candanadium as the highest-ranking remaining Officer and Splootan as the highest-regarded member of the remaining Citizenry were "drafted" into the Council to hold the Region together following Amurria's removal. During the 7th Council the position of Governor was renamed to Chancellor.

* Displeased with his short reign, Amurria returned to his home region of Auralia and sent infiltrators to the Democratika to return control of the Region to him. Far Wilds Akori was one of them, and regrettably succeeded by making it into the 7th Council.

8th Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Candanadium, St. Ryvern

  • World Assembly Delegate: Tardigrade II

  • Chancellor: Candanadium

  • Vice Chancellor: Splootan

  • Minister of Roleplay: Zepheros

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Adryia

  • Cartographer: Jazado

  • Government Aides: Osarkian Federation*, Far Wilds Akori, Lyrobia (St. Ryvern)

At 9 members, the 8th Executive Council is the largest Council in the history of the Democratika. It was formed when the Founder Nation briefly ceased to exist, leaving the Democratika vulnerable to raiders since the World Assembly delegate became executive. Auralia (Amurria's home region) attempted to raid the Democratika, but Candanadium was able to restore the Founder nation before the World Assembly recount.

* The Osarkian Federation would later be dismissed from the 8th Council.

Auralian occupation of the Democratika:

  • Founder: Auralia (effectively Amurria*)

  • Chancellor: Far Wilds Akori

The 9th Council came to be following the June 2019 Chancellor Elections, in which Far Wilds Akori was victorious. At this point it is revealed he is an Amurrian infiltrator. He hands over control of the Founder nation to Auralia, effectively placing Amurria back in control of the Democratika. The 9th Council and 9th Exiled Council are tied as the smallest in the history of the Democratika with just two positions held. It is also the shortest, as it existed for just a few hours and was never properly fulfilled.

* Death to Amurria.

9th Exiled Democratikan Council:

  • Chancellor-in-Exile: Splootan

  • Provisional Councillor: Candanadium

Splootan and Candanadium organised and established a government-in-exile with hopes to infiltrate Auralian Democratika and seize power to restore order.

10th Interim Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • World Assembly Delegate: Akarea

  • Provisional Cabinet Members: Candanadium, Splootan, Nyvardia (Letskia)

Dmitri Gourianov, Alexander Vishegorodskiy and Oliver Devine (UDSR, Letskia and Akarea respectively) hear of the tragedies unfolding in the Democratika following their departure. They return to NationStates and take back control of the Founder nation and, by extension, the Democratika. The collapse of the Amurrian Regime led to the establishment of the 10th Council.

11th Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • World Assembly Delegate, Minister of Information: Akarea

  • Prime Minister: Letskia

  • Minister of Communications: Candanadium

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Splootan*

  • Minister of Defence: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy

  • SecretaryVenland**

  • Minister of Füny Things: Moffat***

The 11th Council again rearranged the Council. It introduced the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Communications (an extension of the old Minister of Roleplay role), renamed the Government Aide position to Secretary, and renamed the Chancellor to Prime Minister. The 11th Council also experimented with separating the legislative branch from the Council as well as establishing a constitution. Both of these ventures were ultimately fruitless. The C2 directive was made redundant by the establishment of the People's Front inter-regional volunteer army.

* The Minister of Foreign affairs was later abolished, having already been abolished and re-instated twice throughout Democratikan history.

** Venland was later suspended from the Secretary position and later left the region.

*** Moffat is a Discord bot programmed to "enforce" several inside-jokes.

12th Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • World Assembly Delegate, Minister of Information: Akarea

  • Entzule: Letskia

  • Military Delegate: Candanadium

  • Head Ambassador: Splootan

  • Commissar: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy

  • Cartographer: The Litzelands

  • Minister of Füny Things: Moffat*

After a dramatic restructuring of the power structure within the Council, the symbolic Head of Government position (Prime Minister, Governor, Chancellor etc) was abolished with the Council now designated to rule as a collective. The ministerial naming scheme was also abolished. Letskia became the "Entzule", a ceremonial and advisory figurehead. The Ministry of Communications became part of the Ministry of Information with Candanadium moving to focus on the People's Front army. The Ministry of Defence still exists as part of the People's Front army. Splootan, having been left behind by the abolition of the Minister of Foreign Affairs role, became head ambassador. This makes the 12th Council the first time the Democratika's ambassadors had any concrete representation within the Council.

* Moffat is a Discord bot programmed to "enforce" several inside-jokes.

13th Executive Democratikan Council:

  • Founder: Union of Dimonian Socialist Republics

  • World Assembly Delegate, Minister of Information: Akarea

  • Minister of Meat: Letskia

  • Minister of Communication: Candanadium

  • Minister of Interregional Relations: Splootan

  • Minister of Regional Security: Byzantine Commune/Confedracy

  • Secretariat of Cartography: The Litzelands

  • Minister of Füny Things: Moffat*

Shortly before ZDay 2019, the Council elected to return to their traditional Ministerial naming scheme. The Ministry of Communications seceded from the Ministry of Information to once again become its own entity (although the two remained closely linked as they had been in the past) and the Ministry of Regional Security was established using the infrastructure left behind by the Ministry of Defence (while the actual MoD assets etc. that had been integrated into the People's Front remained as such) The Entzule became the Minister of Meat as a play on Alexander Vishegorodskiy's job as a deli clerk.

* Moffat is a Discord bot programmed to "enforce" several inside-jokes.

The Kingdom of Candanadium is responsible for recording, archiving and documenting details on Council history. You can view his original archives on NationStates by clicking here. These archives have been re-created here in continuous prose for your convenience.

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