The Great Democratikan Roleplay

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This article is out-of-character. It is not part of the TDKRP canon.

The Democratika Roleplay Wiki front page, circa 2021

The Great Democratikan Roleplay is the name given to the most recent ongoing iteration of the Roleplay in the Democratika. It is a collaborative worldbuilding and creative writing effort with a wholly contained environment for its lore and members, which each represent the histories, cultures, politics and actions of 1 or more nations.

All articles on this Wiki are written from the perspective of being inside this contained environment, except where explicitly noted (such as this page).

As of October 2nd, Democratika 4 (2021) there are 26 nations in the Great Democratikan Roleplay: Akarea, Alayka, Alpenraum, Bollonich, Candanadium, Cenaesia, Drulluhus, Dulbydilla, Edofasia, Enap, Haliciv, Hykko, Jamasapos, Jazado, Jokullheim, Kreyermark, Lokwania, Luxlein, Meltor, New Ersland, Novmir, Satoyama, Sudardes, Trefjall, Upharsin, Varskhomir, Volkenhieme and Welka.

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